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hello, i am posting this on behalf of my sister who has just had an abandoned cycle and thinks that it may have been a mistake on the hospitals part, hoping you can help:

I have just had to abandon my first IVF cycle at Manchester CARE. (I was on the short protocol). It was abandoned on day 11 as I have ovulated. My personal treatment plan clearly states that I should have had a scan and blood test on day five, then possibly start the Cetrotide injections (although this can be delayed by a few days). What actually happened was I had a scan on day 6 (Fri) but they were really busy and I think they overlooked my blood test (I believe it is the blood test that determines how close you are to ovulation).

On day 9 (Mon) I returned for a scan and blood test that morning and all seemed well. However I received a phone call that afternoon to tell me to immediately inject a dose of Cetrotide (which prevents ovulation) then use a further dose later that evening. I was then to return for scan and blood test on day 11 (wed).

Day 11 I returned for scan and bloods and was informed that everything was going well and I could be ready for egg retrieval by day 17 (Monday). I then received a phone call that afternoon informing me that I had already ovulated and had to abandon this cycle.

I have put several posts on the forum but have found no one else who has had the same problem. I must stress that the rest of our care has been wonderful and although this hasn’t put us off the clinic we feel that they made a human error in not administering the blood test at the right time and would like this mistake rectified. We are due to pay a fee of £450 for the cancellation of treatment. We don’t feel we should pay this fee under the circumstances. Also we feel that the fees already paid (for drugs etc) should be refunded if we are correct about the missing blood test.

We are going to inquire about the blood test on our review consultation. Would you advise us to voice these concerns or put them in writing? Should we tell them what we would like them to do to rectify this situation? We are not sure how to proceed and would appreciate any advice.

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Legally, the issue comes down to your agreement with the clinic, and in particular what their terms and conditions say about in what circumstances this £450 fee for cancelled treatment applies.

In practice, I suggest you write a letter to the clinic setting out your concerns in detail and saying that you do not think it is appropriate for you to be charged a cancellation fee in the circumstances.  I would word it in a friendly way, and stress that you are not making a complaint about the rest of the service you have received, and that you are happy to continue with your treatment there.

I suspect that may do the trick, as it makes business sense for the clinic.  If not, I would at that stage review where you stand legally (ask them for their terms and conditions to see what it says about missed rather than cancelled treatment cycles).

Good luck, and let me know if you do want some legal help interpreting the Ts and Cs.

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