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Girls, after 3 miscarriages we have gone back for testing.
We are sooo lucky to have a little boy in 2008! We were ttc for 2 years and got a surprise BFP after starting investigations.
We've had the 3 miscarriages in the past year and DH had a new sperm analysis done:

Volume 2mls (I know this is on the low side)
Viscosity Normal
Density 110million (I think ... its written as 100 x 10to the power of 6)
Motility 65%
Progression 2/4  (it says that 3/4 is normal ... is this really bad????)
Normal Forms 12% ( how bad is this??? - I know 15% is the limit and in 2007 he was exactly 15% but its gone down now :(  )
Cells 3 x 10 to the power of 6 ...... have no dea what this means?
ASAB  Negative  IgA IgG ... not sure what this means .. isn't that clotting????

It says that he is teratozoospermic ...

I am wondering realistically how bad this result is? Are we looking at going down ICSI route?? Could this be part cause of the miscarriages or would it be more to do with not getting pregnant at all??

I have issues too so I'm looking for as much advice as possible please?
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