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I'm new to FF and wondered if anyone could help me.

Last week my IVF second cycle was cancelled and the clinic diagnosed me with a Hydrosalpinx (left tube) probably caused by my Endometriosis.  My IVF clinic advised me that I need to get the tube removed before we can try any further fertility treatments, but they cant deal with it there.  They recommended Andrew Pickersgill at The Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle but as I dont have any private medical insurance I am worried how much it will cost going private.  Does anyone know roughly how much it costs?

My GP has today done me a referral to Deborah Hickling at Wythenshaw hospital, which is in my area, on the NHS.  I've just googled her, and there were really bad headlines from national newspapers about her.  Can anyone recommend another surgeon that I can go to in Trafford area please.

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