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Good Morning,
Here I am again, round 2 of Clomid and IUI(Tears, Tantrums and TTC!)
It all went Pete Tong on Wednesday on 2ww, on day 17 got a visit from Auntie Flow.(Was gutted!)
Anyway, Its another month and DH hasnt Divorced me yet so all is well.
Start Clomid tonight, start getting measured up for Follies on day 9 and then probably Basted on day 16.
Anyone wanna be my Buddie?

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Morning Jazzmine,

Sorry your af turned up,I hate taking clomid,sends me wappy ^idiot^ why dont you join us on the thread "day1 anyone wanna be my buddy part 2" thers quite a few of us on there at different stages so I am sure someone will be your buddy-best of luck

Kelly x
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