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Hi, wonder if you can explain something for me.

On 13th Aug I had a lap&dye and they found out my LHS fallopian tube was blocked.

We are due to start ICSI in 6 weeks (due to known PCOS & male factor infertility). My question is whether having the fallopian tube unblocked (within the next 6 weeks privately) is a good use of money considering the financial pressures of ICSI or whether ICSI bypasses the need to have both tubes functioning anyway?

Do they harvest the eggs via the tubes? In doing so would that in itself help unblock them?

Sorry this is a bit rambling-

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A thin needle is passed the shortest distance to the ovaries and the eggs are aspirated from the follicles...so they don't go in through the tubes and yes icsi does bypass the need to have your tubes open.

Hope this helps
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