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Dear all,
I needed to find as much as possible about this very frustrating period of my life.
Maybe someone of you can help.
I and my wife are both 38, I had hodgkin's 10 years ago, stored sperm before chemo.  Sperm production has not returned.

We tried 4 ICSI last year, in al 4 cases doctors tell us superb embryos.  There doesnot seem to be any implantation though.  Very frustrating situation.  Docs say they cannot find a cause as my wife's anatomical and immunologial situation seems fine.  Could it be that my sperm is not suitable because of the illness I had?  The doctors say NO, as the embryos look great and developing fine.
Hmmm....what to do now? Any of you been through a similar situation? Any advice at all?

Thanks and best of luck to everyone.

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Welcome to FF Niko,

I am feeling similar to yourself - i know i shouldnt just yet as i am on the 2ww and dont know the result of this cycle but because it is FET this time i dont feel as hopeful as a fresh etc...  Anyway i totally understand your concerns as we have them as well - there are no problems with me and we are using frozen sperm and getting good developing embies but they just dont hang around once transfered.  Dr told us sperm and eggs are good - so WHY doesnt it work i understand your frustration.   We have decided that 'if' we need another cycle it will be fresh and we are definatly going to ask for a blastocyst transfer (if we have 10 or more eggs fertilise)  as then at least we can see if the embryos even make it that far and of course if they do then the chances of implantaion are increased.  My clinic have not been overly keen on doing this up till now as they say they are better back in me but that obviously  this has not been the case and we dont know what else we can do.  Could this be an option for you or have you had day 5/6 transfers before ?  Sorry it is not much help for you both but hopefully you will not feel you are the only ones with this frustration.  Sometimes i think at least if they said 'this that or the other' was a problem we could maybe work on it but when everything seems fine what can you do ?   :mad:

Take care and good luck with your future treatment and its great to hear of another person who has beat cancer - you will beat this infertility too i am sure.


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Hi Niko,

I just wanted to reply because my husband had Hodgkins 10 years ago and we will be using frozen sperm.  We have our first consultation at the storage facility next week.  Were you adviced to have ICS from the beginning?  From what I am reading this seems to be the best option. As you seem to be in a similar situation to ourselves any advice would be great.


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Dear Niko,

Sorry to hear about the Hodgkins and now the failed ICSI attempts. Implantation failure is a nightmare because it leaves everyone devestated and with no answer.

We are in a roughly similar boat using sperm from after my husbands cancer treatment. We have had conflicting reports on it's suitability though. Now had 3 failed fresh and 2 frozen ICSI attempts. We have nearly run out of frozen sperm tissue now.

That aside here are some areas that we looked at to try and solve our problem.

1. The work of Dr Carter. He is an immumologist in the USA but now working in collaberation with a couple of UK clinics. He has a theory about male/female immunity that may interest you. Here is a snip from one of his newsletters.

Male Immunity and Recurrent Miscarriage and Implantation Failure

Our attention has recently turned to the male immune system in IVF implantation failure and early recurrent miscarriage. There is a significant body of data compiled over the last ten years showing that seminal fluid plays a critical role in supporting implantation and placental development. Seminal fluid is a complex mixture of cells and chemical compounds. The cellular component of the seminal fluid is primarily comprised of cells derived from the blood. These include natural killer cells (NK cells) and T cells. Likewise the chemical components of seminal fluid are derived from blood and consist, in part, of cytokines and other important immune mediators.It is becoming clear that pro-inflammatory seminal fluid can create a hostile environment for implantation. For example, several studies have independently shown that the defining Th1 cytokine, gamma interferon, is frequently present in the seminal fluid of infertile men. Another interesting and consistent finding is that the immunosuppressive cytokines IL-10 and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) are reduced in the seminal fluid of infertile men. What has been left largely unexplored are the mechanisms that exist to prevent immunocompetent T cells and NK cells contained in seminal fluid from destroying the immunologically foreign implantation site. Such mechanisms do in fact exist and we are beginning to understand how these factors contribute to successful implantation.Unfortunately a standard workup for miscarriage and implantation failure rarely, if ever, includes immune evaluation for the male sexual partner. This is a major shortcoming. As of March 2005, we will begin to address the role of the male immune system in pregnancy failure through a new testing battery and treatment. Because the seminal fluid is a filtrate of the blood plasma, a simple blood test is the entry point for this testing battery. Even couples that have had extensive male factor testing could benefit from this protocol.
<End of snip>

His website is here (and you can ask questions on his message board)


2. Sperm DNA fragmentation tests. These are still in the experimental stage. See



3. Has your wife had her NK cells and TNF/a tested as part of her immune testing?



4. Is it possible that one of you has an infection that could be causing implantation failure? see


Hope that some of this helps. Pls let me know that yout think.

With warmest regards,
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