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Hi Val,

Welcome to the site-it's brill. Everyone is so supportive.

I have been told by the hospital that they are pretty much certain that I have got PCO after an internal scan. My periods are regular (28 day cycle) and a blood test showed that I ovulate (which I don't really get-unless they happened to take it during a rare month!?). All other blood tests were ok too apart from my male hormone index which they took after the scan (5.8 - according to my hospital below 5 is considered normal).

Anyway more to the point- the doctor has told me that the next step he advises is laparoscopy (to def confirm PCO & to rule out endometriosis) if both of these are as expected then he says they will go straight on to do ovarian drilling which apparently is quite successful at kick starting the ovaries into producing mature eggs (about 80% success, I read somewhere-although don't quote me on that one!!). He seems to think that this route is the one to go down instead of medication. DH's sperm count reading is normal although he is a lot older than me so not sure if this is why the doctor has said to go straight for the drilling rather than medication as a lot of other people seem to do it the other way around.

I don't know if this would be a possible option for you or not?

Hope you manage to sort out what's best for you and that this may have helped a bit. Keep us posted.

Good luck,

Sophina x x x
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