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Hi all,

Very happy to have found this site and thank you all for your candor and willingness to share your trials, tribuilations, success stories...
SOmetimes I wish we could dart into the future and have a site like this for all those children born from egg/sperm donation. I say this because I , like some others of you, and about to embark on this path in Brussels at VUB. Had the initial consultation, which was a little weird and had some surprises. A lovely, generous friend of mine actually volunteered her eggs, and we decided to do a cross- donation, meaning she comes with us to Brussels but her eggs are allocated to another infertile couple and that couple's eggs go to me, and all the rest goes to faith!
I feel blind going through this, though I've done tons of research and feel like I know more than the doctors sometimes, which p-sses them off.
I have a daughter who's 4, born naturally and easily when I was 40. What total luck. What incredible fortune, I realize now. As trying to create #2 has been a long journey and I feel very ambivalent ot be honest. I feel guilty even saying so. But it's been so long and I wanted this second child 2.5 years ago!
I have so many questions around doing this anonymously, and the thought that when this child is 1( or 17 or whatever, they are going to certainly want to know who their genetic mother is. And how do I answer that question to satisfy them? I can not know any of this today. I know. But I can't help but think about it, to cover all bases, so to speak. To be or feel prepared for everything.
I'm particularly interested in hearing testimonies from children who were born of egg donations. But there aren't any yet! Or so it seems. So that all remains a mystery. And while this is anonymous by law in Brussels, what if the law changes 10 years from now?
OK, so now that I'm knocking myself out with all these questions, I need some relief form it. And the clear cut answers are not forthcoming. And in Brussels, though a mtg with pyschologist was supposed to happen, it never did. Like they forgot...(?) I have good and bad things to say about my experience there and would be happy to share.
Weepy tonight,


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& Welcome to FF larchmont ^hugme^

If only I could answer those questions hun, but I too have the same ones running around my head and making me cry, BUT I do know that if you join the ussing DE threads or the DE abroad ones then ladies Just like you and I are there to support you ( and each other) as you navigate your way threough the emotions and questions of using DE.
There is a website with donor concieved Children,
or at least the parenting of them a few are in there teens now I think.
its the DCN ( donor conception network)
I am going to leave you some direct links to boards here on FF - that you may or may not have found, I would like to encourage you to post in these areas to build friendships and support from members who really do have an understanding of your situation,

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We also have a section on FF called Babydust, where parents can chat and share parenting tips.

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And don't forget to have a bit of fun while you are on FF and check out the general chit chat / jokes / hobbies area
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Take some time to look at the help tab too ;)

Check out the Locations boards for where you live & a site search for your clinic ;)

Wishing you Friendship ^fairydust^ & ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^
^goodluck^ Dont forget to let us know how you get on!

If you need any help just ask!

^willy nilly^
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