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Hi to everyone, especially all those on the 'anyone tried humira' thread which I have just read.

I have some questions, and although I know there are websites out there which have info, you guys really do seem to be the experts and I'm giving myself a crash course in understanding immunolgy.

I would really appreciate any responses, even if you can only answer one or two of my questions.

From what I've read, raised NK levels cause raised TNF levels (is that right).

What level is recognised as too high for NKcells?

I think over 30% is too high for TNF (is that right)

Does anyone ever 'pass' the TNF and NK tests, as it seems everyone has raised levels, and i wonder if ALL women were tested,would everybody have raised levels?

The ARGC has temptingly high success rates, but does anyone know what their immunology treated patients success levels are? (As it is so expensive , it's only reasonable to ask for some feedback)

What is the connection with low Seratonin levels which some people mention.

What is a HEAF test?

If you have immunology issues, are these bypassed by passing your embryo to a surrogate?

There's a lot of brave people on this site, dealing with horrendous situations, good luck to all of us, may our dreams come true.

kind regards



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Hi Rosy,

I'll take a quick stab at answering some of your questions as best as I can but I will need to double-check before answering others. I may well be wrong so others ladies contributions will be appreciated by me as well.

1. Natural Killer cells produce cytokines including TNF-a.

2. I'll have to find my printout with the results. Dr Beer's website says that over 18% is associated with poor reproductive outcome.

3. I'll also come back with the level for TNF-a. My results sheet does not give me the actual TNF-a level. I was given the ratio between the TH1/TH2 responses. TH1 is the cytotoxic (bad response) and TH2 is the normal (good) response.

4. I "passed" the part about TNF-a. This is not a problem for me. The NK cells is my problem. Have corresponded with 2 women who "passed" both levels. Interestingly Dr Beer's NK test corresponded with Dr *******'s.

5. Sorry, I don't know their success rates for immunology. I am not aware of any proper published research on success rates. I believe that we are the guinea pigs.

I am trying to keep general tabs with a poll on this group


I believe that the following Yahoo group has also been keeping informal records. This would be a great place for you to post your list of q's to as they have people with years of experience


6. Sorry don't know about the serotonin angle. Did take some notes from Dr Beer and will come back with these.

7. The HEAF test is for exposure to TB. A positive HEAF means that you have been exposed to the bacteria that causes TB.

A HEAF test is indicated for people who are to take Humira. If someone has a latent TB infection, Humira (because it knocks out part of the immune system) could cause the infection to become rampant.

8. That would depend on the immune problem diagnosed. Dr Beer told me that if my TNF-a was too high it could cause damage to the embryo's DNA. This would mean that a surrogate (and our already frozen embryos) would not be an option for us.

As NK cells is my problem a surrogate would probably be good for us.

Hope that this helps to ansa your questions. They are a very good list.

With warmest regards,
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