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Ok. I read about these long and short cycles for IVf

Now im wondering if someone could really explain the difference and possibly tell me the benefits of being on Long v Short and Vise Versa

I started Suprecur  (Nasal spray D/R)on Day 2 Of my period meanwhile im reading people are starting on day 21. Im not exactly sure why my clinic has done this..

I read the info booklet and it just says you can be placed in either "group" day 21 or day 2....

Also im curious to know my Baseline is in 7 days.. and im not sure what they are looking for? I mean what is this spray doing stoping my hormones right? Sooo they looking for thin lining? What exactly to go on to step 2

Feeling kinda confused!

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A long protocol involves downregging prior to stimming phase, a short protocol means you go straight to stimming phase. There is no difference regards success rates of long or short protocol but long protocol is the more "standard". Short protocol is more likely recommended to women who have high FSH, are older and/or are poor responders.

You can start the long protocol at the beginning of your cycle eg cd1, 2 etc or cd21....there is little to no difference regards success rates and it really just depends on the consultant/clinic and what they feel is best for you...and what fits in with their schedules.

As you're downregging then you're on the long protocol and starting on cd2 is perfectly fine and your clinic are the experts after all :)

Your baseline scan is to check that you've downregged properly. This basically means putting your body into a temporary menopause...so thin womb lining and no activity in your ovaries (and some will check your E2 levels to ensure they're low) If they're happy with this then you would start the stimming phase which is where your womb lining is encouraged to thicken up and your ovaries triggered to produce lots of follicles (and subsequently eggs).

Have a read of this rough guide to ivf...


Good luck
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