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Hi and welcome to the IUI board ;D

I thought it might be nice for new people to this board to be able to know a bit about who all of us are and also for us to know who they are too!

This is my story - hope others will share theirs aswell......and come on over and join the IUI Girls for a life of highs, lows, madness,laughter,tears, hugs, and un-birthday celebrations (courtesy of Aussiemeg ;D )

I am Kimj and my dh is Mike, known eachother for 15 years (omg where has the time gone!) and married in 1996. been a member of FF for 2 years, and can honestly say i would be lost without the support on here. the last couple of yearshave been horrible year for us and i wouldnt have got thru it without all my Fertility friends, esp here on the IUI girls where I mostly post. I have found myself increasingly isolated from many of my friends who are popping sprogs all over the place, but on this site I have made fantastic friends who, although i havent met many of them are my best friends in the world at the moment

we have been ttc for 7 years, for 4 1/2 of those we were told there was nothing wrong with either of us. I had lap and dye, mike had SA - everything fine they said - we were offered clomid but refused cos in my opinion if it aint broke, why try to fix it? we have been on a fascinating journey learning about diet/health and are now a whole lot healthier (and knowledgeable!) than we were, tho still not preg! so after trying all the lifestyle changes, vits & minerals etc etc, going travelling (to forget about it all), starting my own photography business ( couldnt cope with my nanny job anymore) starting to grow our own veggies, doing up our old VW camper, and generally keeping ourselves busy, we decided to go for a consultation at the woking nuffield purely for another opinion. it was here that they discovered mike had a high percentage of abnormal forms, tho his count is good. now, we are prob in the minority on this site, but we have always said we wouldnt make ttc the be all and end all of our lives - its never been a case of doing absolutely anything in our power to get our dream - i have had quite a fatalistic approach to it all, like if we are not meant to have children then maybe that was our destiny. that prob sounds a bit defeatist, but to be honest although you hear of lots of people having txt and acheiving their dream, the odds are really not that great and for every success theres a failure. if you could do the txt and KNOW you'd get a baby from it, then maybe I would be more enthusiastic. also i dont believe we know all there is about what all the hormones do to our bodies, IVF is still a relatively new science and i do feel like sometimes we are being used as guinea pigs - sorry if this sounds a bit negative...

ANYWAY,after a lot of soul searching we decided to give IUI a shot, this being the least invasive type of txt. we did 2 cycles with menopur in Spring 2004, both of which failed. we both found this quite a traumatic time, and because of some other stressful stuff going on in our lives we decided for a break from it all. i then did some more research into what i believe isnt a normal part of my cycle and for a few months tried a natural progesterone cream. we then tried 2 natural IUI's - i didnt want to use the menopur as i produce eggs and ovulate perfectly well by myself. unfortunately we had 2 more BFN's and decided to call it a day. just now we are enjoying getting back to normal life without calendar watching and putting ourselves thru monthly stress - quite nice if i'm honest, feels like a huge relief. Having said that i dont think we are quite over the finality of it all - and we will always hold on to a tiny bit of hope that we might make it naturally some day. We will prob look into adoption once we have got over all this- i am already comitted to it but dh has yet to finish the adoption books! I have worked with children for all of my working life so kinda have a feel for it already....

I am extremely lucky to have the BEST dh in the whole wide world, he is unfailingly supportive and I love him to bits. Our relationship has been stretched to the limits, and I have been terrified that the strain could get too much, but i believe we have listened to our hearts and not got swept along by the doctors, and have made all the right decisions along the way - and that has helped us to remain strong.

blimey have waffled rather

love and ^fairydust^ to all

kimj x

*update feb 06*
we are just about to start our adoption courses next week and are very excited. we hope to be approved by the end of the year :) we got a puppy in Nov which has proved a great distraction and we love him to bits ^DizzyLove^

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Well, thought I would pop my story onto this thread too.  :)

Me and Dh (Anthony) have been married for 5 years.  We were very happy for 9 months, then my father died, at only 65 he was young and it left both of us reeling.  Dh struggled badly with this and became very depressed.  I suppose as part of a solution we thought we would try for a child.  After 1 year, nothing.  I thought it might be stress from work as I was an advisor and full time teacher and lecturer, working up to 65 hours a week. I gave up all the extra responsibility and reduced my work load enormously hoping that the less stress, the more success.

Another year and still nothing.  Decided to get some preliminary tests done and found no problems.  Given the "Unexplained Fertility" label.  We were given the option of treatment at this point but would have to go on an 18 month waiting list.  We decided to have a look into Private treatment instead.  Dh got cold feet about involving third parties into our quest for a child.  So we tried alternative therapies instead for nearly 18 months, including yoga, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, reflexology, and the famous "try to relax and it will just happen".

The final push came when Dh's sister announced she was expecting.  She hadn't even met her husband when we had started trying for a child.  I took this badly, even though I was delighted for her.  So we went back to the Private Hopsital and went straight for IUI.

By some miracle, we have fallen pregnant on our first attempt with twins.  I am a twin myself, so this is a dream come true.

Fertility Friends have been the most wonderful support.  Great at advice, sympathy, laughing and general friendliness.

Good luck to everyone on their quest for their dreams,

Love Fone xx  ^daisy^

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Good idea Kim.  Well this is me...

I am Molly & my DP is Ray.  We've been TTC for over 2 years now.  I am quite a private person and have been badly let down by the one friend I confided in about tx - she blabbed - so FF is a great way for me to talk to others in the same boat and I have learned so much in the time I've been posting here - probably around (a very poignant) 9 months. The only other people (apart from you guys) who knows about out tx is my little sis (I have 2 others) and her DH.  They have been brilliant!

We have just moved to our dream home in the country with a wood and stream at the bottom of the garden.  I absolutely love it here, it is so peaceful - which is just as well as I have a pretty stressful job, working long hours as I am self-employed.

We have a lovely little Staffie - the real Molly - who is almost 8.

I am looking forward to growing some veg this year, when we get time to dig the plot! There's also more work to be done on the house, which is very tiny and has no electricity. (We have got a generator though!) We spent 18 months renovating it before we moved in as it had been empty for 30 years.

Our IF was initially unexplained, but a mf problem has come to light since tx and also as I'm 43, I don't ov regularly and cycles are irregular.

I was very lucky to get pg on my first IUI but sadly m/c at 10 weeks.  My 2nd IUI was -ve (devastated), and my third was also -ve on testing day, but +ve a week later and I m/c again pretty quickly. :'(

I have decided to take a break of a couple of months to try Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I will have another IUI at some point soon and hope to keep trying till my next birthday in August when I will probably call it a day.  I don't feel as if I have the strength to go through IVF and my c/s thinks the chances of it working in my case are not much better than IUI.

Don't want to be like that woman in Romania, still trying at 66! ;D

Thanks everyone for all your support I couldn't have got through the last few months without you all.  Some of you have become very special to me during that time (you know who you are!) :-*

Anyway, that's me.  I am hoping for a better 2005 than 2004, but I appreciate how very lucky we are in many ways.

Right - I'm going now - this is starting to sound a bit  ^shake^.

^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ ^fairydust^ to all of us in 2005!


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I met my dh (Colin) eight years ago. He was from Ireland but had been working in Australia for about 12 years. After 4 years together we moved to London and then after 2 years there we got married. Our wedding was lovely and Colin's two children from his previous marriage were our bridal party. After 6 months of marriage (and 1 year of TTC) we both decided to take a year of work and see where this baby was. So after 18 months of trying we decided to go see the doc. All the usual tests and there was nothing overtly wrong with me and Colin was announced to have Super sperm. Instantly I took this to mean that it was my fault given he has 2 kids anyway. That was Feb 2004. We wnet to Australia for what was supposed to be 5 weeks but turned out to be 5 months but then decided to do an IVF cycle and lucky me it worked first time. Unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage at 9 weeks and a D&C a few days after finding out. We came to Northern Ireland and went to a clinic here. They said try IUI. It unfortunately didn't work and I think I found the BFN a lot harder to take than I thought. When things go wrong on our path he finds solace in his kids which I find really hard. He is so supportive but I guess in some ways I resent that he already has what I so desparately want. So after lots of cuddles, holidays loving baths and long walks on the beach (in the cold) we are heading back to Australia in February to have another go at IVF and I hope that it will see our dreams come true.

I am really glad you have found us here at FF IUI girls. Whilst my husband is very caring, supportive, spoils me rotten and hot I sometimes don't think he understands the full sense of my longing BUT the girls here do and there is always someone to give you a cybercuddle, good advice and funny stories when you reach out. Yes this whole treatment thing does put a strain on one's marriage but as long as you love one another talk and sometgimes share the load with others like those here I think we should all get through it and find our destiny.

What Mush  ;D


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Kimj - when i read your post I thought I was reading my own story. We must have a lot in common.

So this is me (and DH):

Married for ages - death of my mum and a few other stresses meant that we didn't ttc as soon as we might have. Now my little sister has produced two in the time I have been trying. ALL my friends are either pg or have babies now (even the girl I walk dogs with!) Like you Kimj, I felt increasingly isolated until I found the FF girls.

I remember saying when we started ttc that i wanted it all to happen naturally - I didn't even want to use OPK's !! Sounds hillarious now!

It seems to have taken us ages to get to this point - first basting in about 10 days. I've had loads of blood taken out and other than lowish progestorone no probs. DH has 'outstanding' swimmers (docs words!). So we think IUI could give us a chance. I too was offered Clomid, but can't see the point as I ov normally. I seem to produce sperm antibodies in my cervix so IUI could get over that problem.

As you say Kim, I do have a life beyond IF (thank God) and I'm not prepared to spend forever on this rollercoaster. If, after giving a bit of a helping hand, nothing happens then I will surround myself with all the other things I do and not spend valuable time thinking 'what if'. (probably easier said than done)

I'm a gardener by profession and hobby. I spend quite a bit of time teaching gardening to adults with learning disabilities. I find this job very theraputic because it puts my difficulties into perspective and its so lovely to pass on my love of all things green to others.
I am also a keen clarinet and sax player, so lifes never dull round here!

Good to meet you all girls and heres a  ^Cuddle^ for us all.


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My name is Nicola and Dh is Dean. We have been together since i was 16 and he was 21. I moved in with him when i had just turned 17 and we are still living in the same place now. I have been working in the civil service for the past 3 years and Dh is in the motor trade which he loves as he is a car fanatic. We got engaged on my 18th birthday and married in Sep 03 when i was 21. We had a wonderful white wedding with all my friends and family there.

We have never used any contraception as i had always had problems with my cycle and also Dh had an operation on his testicles when he was younger so we knew there could be a potential problem with him. We had the attitude that if i did get pregnant i knew i was mature enough and had enough support from DH and both our families that i could bring up a child in a loving, caring and stable environment just as myself and DH were brought up.

After 6 years of trying, when i had just turned 22 we knew that there was obviously a problem with our fertility so decided to get help from our GP. We were both referred for tests and the results were inconclusive as to whether i was ovulating or not and also DH's sperm count was very low at only 3.5 million. While on the waiting list to see a gynaecologist i had some more tests done to check prolactin, thyroid etc and they were all fine.  We had our first gynae appt in Sep 04 and we were told that our only option was IVF as i had been diagnosed with PCOS and also with DH sperm count there was no other form of treatment that could help. We were both very shocked at the news but decided that as we were both still young it was not the end of the world as at least we had time on our side. The gynae wanted DH to have another test done before our 2nd appt but i couldn't wait til the appt to get the results so i rang her secretary to see if anything had changed. I was told that we should now be ok for IUI as his count had doubled to 7 million. (At last some good news) At our 2nd appt we saw a different doctor who basically changed the treatment plan altogether and said that we could only have ICSI. (Completely gutted yet again) I explained to her what we had been told only weeks before and she said she would check with the consultant and would let us know the next day. Well that was on 7/1/05 and i still hadn't heard from them up until last week. I rang them to complain that after 2 appts i still didn't know what treatment we needed so the secretary looked at my file and confirmed that we were on the waiting list for IUI and also a Lap and Dye for me. I was prescribed metformin to help with my PCOS symptoms and told that my next appt would be in May.

I have told all my friends and family of our situation and have found that they are really supportive, which to be honest is exactly what i needed. My grandparents have offered us the money to have treatment private but i dont want to depend on anyone just yet so we will stick with the NHS for the time being.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people on this site and even though i dont post that often i log on every day and think its excellent that you support each other through the tough times. Thanks again.

Take care all


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This my story.
I met my husband 15 years ago this year, about 2 years later he found out he had a heridty genetic disorder but not much was known about it then & we got on with our lives. We started living together 10 years ago & discussed having children but decided we wanted to find out more about his condition. We married in 1998 & finally got the answers to our questions which wasn't good news, after many discussions with his consultant it became apparant that having his own child really wouldn't be a good option so he had a vasectomy & we began the process of fertility treatment. My investigations were all ok so we began our first treatment of IUI with donor sperm in November 2002 but didn't that far as treatment was cancelled as the clinic missed my ovulation. We then had 2 unsuccessfully DIUI & then I got a BFP on the third attempt in August 2003 but unfortunately had a m/c at just over 5 weeks. At least we had some positives thoughts that it could work & eventhough we were saddened by what happened so will still had something good to cling to. Things went down with us after the m/c when DH decided he really didn't want to go again & I felt it was all my fault & what could I have done differently etc. We eventually decided to have another go in May 2004 & I was given clomid & merional to try & boost my chances, once again this treatment was stopped as the folliciles had collapsed. By this time I felt that I was banging my head against the wall & that everything was against me but DH was the positive one this time & we agreed that we have a holiday in the september & then give it a final go in October 2004. That ended up being the strangest cycle/treatment I've ever had & the clinic still can't say exactly what happened but think it was perhaps twin m/c a week apart - just a little info had a BFN but no bleed, tested 3 days later still BFN then had very bad period then about a week after that had finished same thing happened again. Hence why I didn't post for a while as I found it hard to cope with my feelings & there seemed to be alot of BFP (which was very good news - but unfortunately I couldn't read them at the time). DH is still in a positive mood & while that lasts we are giving it another go & once AF arrives we will start once more. The clinic have confirmed there is no reason we shouldn't be successful & that DIUI is the correct treatment for us. We haven't told family & friends what we doing so the IUI girls are my lifeline in that I know there is always someone there that I can talk to/ going through much the same as me.
Wishing that all our dreams come true & that 2005 will be our year.

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Our story;
I met my dh when in 1996. I was sweet(yeah right)16 and he was 19. We fell madly in love and moved in together soon after to my family's disgust.
We built a home together and in time we began wanting a family of our own. This was around a year after meeting so we have now been ttc for 6-7 years.
Our first step was bms for around a year and a half. No joy.
Then to the docs, tests, tests and more tests. We were told both DH and i have problems so fertility treatment was our only hope. we did not feel ready for this at that time.
We married in April 2003 and this somehow showed us we were ready to start looking in to treatment.
By April 2004, we had had all of the tests we needed to begin treatment.
I was scanned every cycle from April to November 2004, had af every month but only ovulated twice in the whole time. We decided to use donor sperm to take away the male factor and had Natural cycle insemination. Both resulted in bfn's.
We had our first iui with drugs to make me ov in November last year(2004), another bfn.

DH and I have found the treatment's have tried our marrage to the limits. It is not just the bfn's but the whole thing. I tend to try and shut myself off from the start of a cycle, pushing everyone away. DH is or would be just the opposite if I gave him the chance. It is such a hard thing to go through. However, it will not brake us I'm sure of that.
Our plans for the future stand at another two attempts of iui after the one we are in right now then a break if we have had no success.


Well our story continues...........

The IUI we were in at the time of the first post above resulted in another bfn along with another two failed IUI cycles :'(
We took time out to gather ourselves, put our marrage back on track and prepare for IVF.

We had our fist IVF cycle in August 2005 which resulted in a bfn and has been harder to take that any of the negs from IUI for some reason. So again we are having some much needed time out for ourselves and to get my body ready for more tx. During this time off we have discovered that the sperm that we have used for all of our treatment (donor) was "very poor quality, so much so we hardly stood a chance".
So back to one IUI with some good quality sperm and hopefully more of a chance of a BFP. If that fails then back to IVF.

We will never loose faith as long as there is a chance!

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Hello everyone

Firstly, I have to say that I am relatively new to this site (been posting for about 6 weeks) but I don't know what I'd do without it now.  It is so reassuring to know that there are others out there who understand.

My dh and I met 5 years ago (through mutual friends who married each other!) and had 3 years of doing loads of fun things - traveling, skiing, moving in together, eating out, going to the theatre - and having a fab time with each other.  Then my dh was made redundant and instead of putting the money away and worrying we decided to blow some of it on getting married!  He'd worked hard for it over the years and we were determined to enjoy some of it, which indeed we did.  We had two very different weddings - one for my husband who is Muslim and one for me, a Christian which took place at the home of friends of ours who live in the mountains in South Africa.  It was just wonderful.  It is our 1st wedding anniversary this coming weds (2 feb).  As we have had a pretty exciting relationship we decided that now was the time to settle down as we both wanted kids and so we started trying in March.  I wasn't expecting anything to happen straight away as my cycles were so long and I didn't ovulate on every one.  I also tried the BBT thing but it was just too irratic.  Anyway, due to my problem cycles i decided to get checked out, thinking that it was probably a slight hormone imbalance and I would be able to take a pill to fix it.  What began was a whole host of invasive tests and worry and confusion and finally the news that my hormones were up the swanny (won't go into detail)!  So we ended up at ARGC in London and the usual cycle tracking.  Anyway, I was put on clomid, which i have had no problems with, and I now ovulate every month which is a novelty for me.  I have just had my second iui (-ve) and now waiting to see ARGC tomorrow to talk through the next treatment.  I have done acupuncture, taken all the vits, put weight on to build up my BMI, given up most exercise, given up caffeine, alcohol etc.... and now I am just waiting for something to happen.  In the meantime dh (who is the most wonderful man in the world - he supports me in everything I do and without him I really would not be able to get through.  he means everything to me) and I are trying very hard to get on with life and we are considering a long skiing weekend soon (we both love skiing!) and a trip to Rick Stein's restaurant in Cornwall one weekend in the late Spring.  It is the only way that we get through it - by having 'us' time to keep our relationship strong.

So that is me!  Thanks for listening....

Simone xxx

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I'm 38, my DP is 28, and we've been ttc for nearly three years. All my sisters had no probs getting pregnant, and my mum herself had eight kids, so I just assumed it would happen the first month of trying. How wrong I was... So after a year we decided to get checked out, all the usual tests, diagnosis: unexplained.

Began our first IUI in October last year, which was BFN, then second in November, which was also BFN. But my mum was very ill from July last year and died in November, two days before my second basting, so the whole thing was very traumatic and in a way it didn't surprise me that the tx hadn't worked.

Would have been so lost without my DP, and one of my sisters and cousins (who's like a sister to me anyway), they've helped me at every stage. My DP is extremely caring and loving and strong, but there are also times when he feels down and I can help him through. I also have three or four close friends who have been incredibly thoughtful and understanding (though other 'friends' I've had to let go of - times like this make you realise what some people are really about).

Anyway, have my scan on Monday for third round of IUI. But we found the last BFN so hard to take that if this one doesn't work, we're going straight to IVF. Hoping so much that this will work, but if not, we'll try not to let it define our lives, and have just got some information through on fostering and adoption. We still feel we have a loving, secure relationship and home to offer some little person, even if it's not our own, in the biological sense. And life is never perfect, you just have to make the best of what you meet with along the way.

Thanks for sharing your own stories too. This site has made all the difference for me too, in being able to cope and feel like I'm not the only woman in the world who's experiencing this.



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Hi Ladies, about time i introduced myself, although most of you are proberly sick of hearing my stories ^censored^

Have been using the forum for about a year now, just before we started our 1st IUI, I was lucky enough to establish a firm friendship with some of the other ladies cycling around that time, Murtle, Starr, Kim & Mizz and since then have made so many close Friends, not sure what I would do without any of you ^afro^

We got married in May 2001 and had been trying ever since, we were told after about 1.5years of trying naturally and both of us having initial tests that it maybe due to my DH's sperm count and that falling naturally may be hard for us, however before our 1st specialist appointment I fell pregnant, but by the time it came round, I had m/c'ed so our doctor wanted us to keep the appointment.

Dh's normal forms on the first test were 0% then 2%, they have been as good at 5 .... DH was amazing he did research on the net about improving quality, visited a vit specialist... before the days of us knowing about a single vitamin by Zita West or MG, he was taking about 8 pills morning, noon and night, I know he blamed his sperm for the m/c, something that with all my heart I wished he didn't.

DH then off his own back made an appointment with a urologist or whatever they are called at the John Radcliffe, who tested his suitability for IUI and then he booked me the Dye test that I needed b4 we could start and we started in Feb 04, After 3 failed IUI's and 3 1/2 years we decided that IVF was the way forward for us.

I visited a psychic after the wedding, as soon as I arrived she gave me crystals for fertility to hold and told me that I often want a baby here and now, but thats not possible, but when both Dh and I really both want it, it will happen, I never understood that until my IVF(As of course I wanted it and longed for it everyday) but the 2ww of the IVF, was truly one of the hardest times in my life, when i thought it was over, my life was to, at that moment, I knew that at no point in my life could I or my DH want anything anymore, more than any day b4 and anyday to come, it was most scary most surreal moment of my life, I know allot of people don't belief in this stuff, and you can read anything into anything, but I do know that, that night we both wanted the same thing to exactly the same extent and on testing in the morning I got a positive ^babycrawl^

As we all know the gaining of a positive after the 2ww is only the start of the worry, but I can safely say that we are on the way to being parents and hopefully no one or nothing will come in our way, wanting each and everyone of you to get that positive and get to the feeling we are, where you can enjoy every moment of watching your tummy grow.

All my love and hugs to you all

^fairydust^ ^fairydust^

PS Thanks Kim for starting this thread ^idea^

*Update Feb 2006
Gave birth to a little boy on the 8th July 2006, Jacob, who is now 7months, impossible to write down how happy he has made us, but do with all my heart hope each and everyone of you become parents however that may happen soon x

*Update February 2007
My son Jacob is now 19months old and I have fallen pregnant naturally (Can't believe our luck) and am 19weeks pregnant, praying everything goes well and we have a little brother or sister for J.

We were just about to start round two of IVF, DH's latest sperm results at around the same time as I fell, showed only 1% normal forms, but there was 160million, which is a record for us, previous tests were between 30 and 60mill, so shows that with only 1%, one sperm can do it xx

*Update October 2007
We are now proud parents to another little boy Lucas, who will be 4 months old on the 7th of November, hes a complete dream.

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Hi everyone,
I've only been using this forum for about 6-8 weeks, but do find it unbelievably helpful, as I find it difficult to discuss this with friends.

My story: I am 34, and DH is 34.  We have been together for 14 years, but married in 2001.  Started TTC 2 years ago, and had admittedly delayed it for career gratification (boy, wish we hadn't now!).

After 12 years of the oral contraceptive pill, it took at least 12-15 months for my cycles to become regular, but now seem to ovulate successfully every month for at least 10-11 months.  Lap and dye was normal, DH's SA is very good, and the only test that has been negative is a post-coital test.  This is why we ended up with IUI.

Have had 5 rounds of IUI now, without medication, as I didn't see any point taking any as ovulation wasn't a problem.  I have had Progesterone pessaries before, but don't need those either.
So, have recently turned to Chinese herbs, which I'm not sure are helping.

Anyway, to cut a long story a little shorter.  DH and I are both a bit fed up, and decided to leave unaided IUI until we see the specialist again in March.  The specialist told us last time that "he would be pushed into IVF".  Waiting to see what he's got to say.

Until then, we have decided to give it a rest. My veins are painful from all the blood tests, and now even DH is showing a bit of strain.

Did I mention that I have quite a stressful job that includes a lot of on-call and night work as well.  I have recently changed this to try and cut down on some of the stress.  As one of my friend's says, how could I possibly expect to get pregnant with all that Adrenaline racing around my body.

So, here we are after 5 failed IUI, probably facing IVF unless there is a miracle over the next couple of months.

Nice to hear everyone's story's by the way, as sometimes it's hard to keep up.

Jodi ^Cuddle^

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hi people..
my story: My name is Jayne my DP is Chris. I met and married quite young was so lucky to have had children. After 14 years of  a unhappy marriage we made a hard decision to divorce. I thought that would be me on my own with the girls forever but out of the blue i fell in love with an amazing man who has changed my life in so many ways, we could not be happier.Chris is great with the girls but we dearly yearned for a child of our own and so did they(and time ticking by for me). We have been trying for over two years with no BFP so my doc referred us to EGA in Euston London where we had sperm checks, scans , lap & dye. He has a fab sperm count (super sperm) they call him lol. Me i do not ov and have polly ovarys.This i found hard to get my head round and felt terrible for Chris. He has been so supportive unlike my family members. I have had one missed iui due to lots of follies, one attempt failed with one follie, a missed cycle and am on 2ww with two follies. I was taking clomid but have moved to injections which i jump around like a loony as i hate needles!! I was unsure whether to submit my story as i have had children and feel with all my heart for the ladies who are trying desperately to conceive but this is me and i can not hide away part of my life.... this site has been a lifeline to me and i hope it continues to do so
with much love and affection jellyhead (Jayne)

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Hello everyone
I am a huge fan of FF (and especially the IUI board) which has given me so much support since I joined about 8 months ago.

DH and I got together 5 years ago and started trying for a baby 2 1/2 years ago. After a year of trying everything we went to the docs. Between Autumn 2003 and summer 2004 we got referred and had lots of tests. The disappointment every month during all that time is still very fresh and raw but we had decided to get married so planning our wedding was something really positive that took our minds off fertility problems for a while.

We have a low motility sperm problem, connected to DH's diabetes, and so were recommended to try IUI, which we started about 6 weeks after coming back from our honeymoon. Meanwhile every single one of my girl-friends falls pregnant (by mistake / sooner than they'd expected / 2nd time around / just for the hell of it ::) ) - sure everyone can relate to how hard that is.

We started the tx but my ovaries went a bit crazy and over-responded. Fortunately we were given the option of converting to IVF rather than having to abandon the whole cycle. Having got that far, we felt very strongly we shouldn't abandon it - everything else was looking good. It all happened v fast. On Monday we were told I was over-responding, on Tuesday we decided to convert, on Thursday I was in for ec. They got 8 eggs, 6 fertilised and 2x2sies were popped back on Saturday.

2ww was harder than I ever imagined but I concentrated really hard on thinking positively. I tested early (bad idea - didn't dare believe the result) but we were so excited to get our official BFP. And then we felt incredibly lucky to have twins confirmed a couple of weeks later - felt like finally getting rewarded for 2 1/2 very difficult years.

So now with about 3 months to go we are very excited, terrified, impatient, apprehensive, giddy and anxious. The worrying hasn't ever stopped since the 2ww but you get more used to it, you get different things to worry about and it's all worth it when we think of what we've got to look forward to in 3 months time.

It's been a crazy year and an emotional roller coaster (even though I realise we've had a comparitively easy ride) and I certainly couldn't have got through it without all the support from here. The physical side of infertility and tx is hard enough but the emotional side is hardest, and even the dearest friends and family can't really understand if they've not been through it. So thank you all and I truly hope that all your dreams come true too.

We've got lots of room on the BFP list so we're hoping it's going to fill up very soon :)
^rainbow^ ^rainbow^ ^rainbow^
x Morgan

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Hi Girls!

Well this is my story!!

I'm Louise (Lou) and DH is Brian.

We met at work and fell for each other very quickly in 2000, had a very passionate beginning to our relationship and quickly decided we would be together forever. So we were un-officially ttc since early 2000 ( no contraception !) We got engaged three years ago today and started to plan our wedding. Had a brilliant engagement and decided to try properly for our family. Here in Oxford a group at the university were trialling the clearplan ovulation tests with a monitor to tell you the right day for BMS. Well we decided to give it a go! After a few months of not really understanding the results, i was called in and was told i was being taken off the trial as i " wasn't normal" Well the short story is that i went for tests on the advice of the nurses running the trial and found out i have PCOS!  We were both a little upset at the news but Brian being Brian was completely positive and we went to see a specialist. In the mean time i was made redundant, Brian changed jobs and we had a wonderful wedding on Dundas Castle in Scotland
We started clomid last year in February and completed 6 months with no BFP. After meeting again with the consultant and Brian having a SA test we discovered that his count is low. Now after the first round of IUI which we got a negative, we are stabbing for round two with basting probably next Monday. (Fingers crossed)

Well thats us, thanks you for listening (reading !!) and thankyou all for your support.



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Hi everyone

I’m Billie and my DH is Ben.  We’ve been together for 6 years this weekend and been married for 4.5 years.  We talked about children right from the beginning of our marriage but were moving house and settling down, so I guess didn’t start seriously trying immediately.   

We went to our local clinic after about 1 year of trying and had various tests to be told everything was alright with both of us.  The consultant said he would put us on the IVF waiting list as a fall back but suggested we come back after 6 months if nothing had happened.  Neither of us will ever forget the first clinic appt when we were told we were both okay – we watched a girl come out of the consultants room absolutely bereft after obvious bad news and knew afterwards that we were very lucky – this will stay with us always no matter what the path our journey takes.

In the following 6 months, it is likely that I had an early m/c and then I fell pregnant again the following month.  We were apprehensive when reaching the BFP, but delighted none-the-less and didn’t take anything for granted.  We both felt that we’d travelled a long journey of monthly disappointment and the feeling of failure with success all around – and yes you notice it more when it’s not happening to you - but we also felt very lucky to be in the position we were in.  12 week scan was okay and we were getting more excited as time went on.  Our world fell apart at the 20 week scan when a problem was picked up and our little boy was born soon afterwards.  Holding him in my arms was the most precious gift I could have been given – our precious and longed for baby boy, who even at that early age was the image of his dad.  Again, whatever path our journey takes, we will always have that memory and we know that not everyone is as lucky to experience this.  We are parents, despite our precious child being no longer with us.

We started to try again immediately with clomid but nothing happened and we turned to IUI.  Treatment was a big decision for us as nothing was wrong, but we wondered how long can you keep trying unsuccessfully?  We were very lucky again and our first IUI was a BFP despite fairly low success rates, but this pregnancy wasn’t to be and I m/c a couple of days later.  We decided to try again and went onto another 4 IUIs, none of which were successful, so we asked about IVF.  IVF was another step altogether being so intrusive, but we’d been through so much, it felt like just another hurdle to climb towards reaching our ultimate goal. 

We went through our first IVF cycle in December 2004 and again were lucky to achieve a BFP at first go.  We were on cloud nine but still very cautious.  Our world turned once again at the 7 week scan when the baby had stopped growing.  We’ve just been through a medical procedure to m/c the pregnancy as this didn’t happen naturally and the pregnancy tissue will now be tested.  We hope to get some answers as to the m/c but have been told that there’s no reason to link this to the problem with our little boy. 

This is us and our story.  We are very happy together and despite some of you saying you have the best d/h in the world, I have to say you can’t have as he’s married to me.  I couldn’t cope without him and no matter what happens from here, we’ll always have each other.  We still feel that we have so much to give and would make such good parents that we won’t give up on the quest yet.  We will get that elusive BFP once again and this time it will stay put for the whole 9 months.

It’s been lovely reading everyone’s stories so far and I hope that many more of the IUI girls add to this thread.
Love Billie

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Hey All

Here's my story....hope i don't go on too much.
My Dh (pete) and i have been together for nearly 15 years and married for nearly 7. We always assumed that having a family would not be a problem, i have been pg before (at 21 but couldn't continue with it) and he has a daughter.

After our wedding we started on this long long road. After 2 yrs we finally decided to get some help. Unfortunatley we got some bad advice and spent the next 2 yrs in the wrong clinics who although they did the tests offered no solutions. Finally there seemed to be cause to our troubles. After a laporoscopy i was told that i had severe endometriosis. The consultant said he had cleared most of it and we should try i hate that saying now... for 6 more months. Then if no joy we would def need help.
Needless to say there was no joy and in Jan of last year we finally got to an infertility clinic. It was decided that ivf was needed, but as the wait for nhs( i know we're really lucky!!) was a year to try iui in the meantime.
We had 2 goes last year both BFN's and then it was discovered i had a fibroid... Another op in sept last year removed that. The consultant was really quite positve after, he felt that the fibriod was definatley causing me problems as it was distorting my womb and would make implantation very difficult..
After much discussion we've decided to try 2/3 more goes on iui (on 2ww now) and then move onto ivf in April.
Like others on here my 2 sister in laws have had 2 kids each while i've been under investigation and one is on her 3rd pregnancy now! I think without the support i've had on this site and especially from the iui girls inc Candy, Kimj and Mizz to name a few i would have given up a long time ago.

When the road gets hard and you break down/go the wrong way/stall or stop. It's so comforting to know that any time day or night i can come on here and there will be a friendly face :), or a shoulder to cry on :'( or laugh with ;D. It keeps me sane
Thank you all
Love Starr xxxxx :-* :-* :-*

Sept 2007
Thought it was about time i updated this....
In april 2005 we were amazed to find ourselves pg naturally... it was the month we were waiting for af to start ivf!! Unfortunatley i m/c at 7 weeks and was totally devastated. I thought my problem was getting pg not staying pg!!. It took nearly a year before we felt ready to give the ivf a go. March 2006 we finally got to e/c.. got 7 eggs... 4 embies ok. 2 put back. Ended up in hospital with ohss but things were looking good. 1st test was weak +ve... then a bleed.. Thought it was all over only to have my hcg go up again. Not to last though and we lost another longed for bubbs. That hit me really hard and i struggled to get throught the next few months. Finally at the start of 2007 we were ready to discuss ivf again.
However.....During a really stressful month in which my mum had surgery for breast cancer and my shop was help up in a robbery amazingly we fell pg naturally!!! You could have knocked me over with a feather... It was the 1st month i was not waiting for af to arrive.. so caought me by suprise!!
I'm now nearly 33 weeks pg with our little girl.. Due for a c/section in about 5 weeks.

Don't give up... dreams do come true.. even fi it's not quite in the way you expected!!
^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ to all of you

Love Starr xxxx

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Hello everyone,

I was an iui girl last year so I hope that I am allowed to tell my story....

Some 14 years ago I embarked upon a disatrous marriage.  I was young (22) and after previous cancellations to our wedding by my ex it eventually went ahead but not before becoming four months pregnant when I said 'I do'.

This man was not the support I needed, he pushed me over when I was 7 months gone! Anyway to cut a long story short I was thrilled only to be told our little baby had a heart murmur and that it would go away by the time he was 6 weeks old and was quite common. 6 weeks later, nine weeks later an xray showed an enlarged heart the doctors were talking hole in the heart and operations  :'(  Then on the routine scan at the childrens hospital in Birmingham it was discovered he had 2 holes in his heart and would definitely need surgery to close one of them.  So it was so and bless my son as he still has one and is small for his age but apart from that loves his sports and no one knows unless I tell them.  He is 13 now.

2.5 years later and another child arrives (both were conceived without trying) in fact this time we had split up when I found out.  My mother wanted me to have a termination but that was against my principles and I refused and then had him back  :'(  A daughter was born and she was a handful and not the best baby, she screamed constantly.  So much so my then dh went onto nights and left me to cope, then expect me to keep my son quiet in the day.  So I came to my senses and left him, and by his choice he does not wish to see his children (nor does he pay for them)!

Three years later I met my dh.  He was younger than me by nine years so I had my reservations about this relationship. Suffice to say I was wrong and 3 years after that we married.  He is the total opposite of my ex and in my estimation any man who takes on someone elses children is really special.
We started to try for a baby of our own 2 years ago.  After six months we approached the doctor who ordered the necessary tests. It came back my dh had poor morphology.  We were devasted that we would need help but both agreed we would do whatever it takes to have a baby of our own.

So 2 iui's later and BFN i was gutted. My dh said he couldn't understand me being so upset because i had two children and i said yes but not with you. I chose the worst father in the world for my children and I just want to start again and get the love and support I should have had before.  Some may say I am greedy and my mother certainly thinks i'm mad but then i think she is just selfish as she re-married and made my step-father have the snip!

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oops , and the end is:-

We now await IVF in April and dh had a normal sample recently so the problem must lie with me as I have a disease called Scleroderma - a chronic disease that means my immune system is attacking itself.  It will get bad but who knows when that could be 20 years away or it could be 3 years away.  I have been told that my disease could get worse if I get pg but thats a risk i'm willing to take.  My dh is adopting my two and if I never see another baby I will always have my children and I realise I am extremely lucky to have them.  I can never pretend to know how so many women on here must feel never having had a pregnancy but I can sympathise with their desperate struggle to get one.

One day we will all get to our destination I am sure and I am hoping it will be this year and not the next or the next...
Thanks girls for reading my story which is not as heart wrenching as some on here but one I am sure people can relate to.

nn xx

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Right this could be long!

Met my dh on a blind date set up by my work mate in March 1991,we moved in together in October 1991,and got married in January 1992.

I was 18,dh was 32.
We started trying - yes I hate that word too! I had been on the pill so expected it to take a while.I fell pregnant that year,in the October but sadly miscarried in November on my birthday.
We gave it a couple of months to try and get over it,and dh was ready to go again but I was still not over it but we did start trying again,but noting happened.
We went for tests after a few months,and I was booked in for a post coital test and the day I rang to make the appointment I was told that the consultant was away and it would have to be the following month,2 weeks later I got my bfp.

Had a difficult pregnancy as I had placenta praevia,where the placenta blocks the cervix,so my son was delivered at 38 weeks by c section,a healthy 7lbs and 5ozs,our miracle baby.

Since then I have been unable to fall pregnant again,we had tests,and dh results vary,I had a laparoscopy,and lots of blood tests.
Lap was clear but one of my ovaries was squashed,they said probably because of the c section.

Then the drs decided my weight was the issue,I was at this time almost 16 stone,so I have lost lots of weight by helathy eating and exercise and I am now down to 10stone,the weight I was before having my son.

We have our first appointment at a private clinic next week,the one we went to before was nhs,but I hated it!

We have been through so much heartache,and people do not understand.
We went to a wedding reception once,and there was a relative there who we hadn't seen for a while and she was 8 moths pregnant - no one had told us,we were so upset,that evening I lost several friends for putting us in that position.That was cruel.They all knew that we were going through tests etc.

Anyway I feel strong now,and am hoping to be able to afford a couple of goes at IUI.
It was said to us at the last hospital to try IUI but I was in no state of mind to have any treatment.
I am so thankful to have my son,he is our miracle,he really is.
I just don't want to look back and regret not trying IUI.

Anyway,this is the short version of my story,there is a lot more ups and downs but I would be here all night.

I wish you all bfp's and just maybe,one day I will be posting my own.

I love this site,and for the first time in my life I have spoken to people who suffer IF just like me,I even spoke to a lady from this site on the phone last week,that really was amazing,I don't feel a freak anymore!

Right I must finish now,much love to all.
Struthie xxx

Update February 2006
Last year we finally got a diagnosis,dh's sperm now don't swim,so we had ICSI it was negative and the con said not to try again with dh's sperm,devastating at the time for both of us.
We had four IUI's using donor sperm all bfn.
Now down regging for ivf with donor sperm,hope this makes my sons dream come true!
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