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Hi Ladies,

Well after the total disaster of my CD 23 bloods back on 7th may where the lab just tested the prolactin and ignored Dr's request for Progesterone I finally have the results for CD 24 bloods taken 9th July.

The list of results I've ever had are:-

Sep 03 - CD 21 progesterone = 19
May 7th 04 - CD 23 Prolactin = 180
July 9th - CD 24 Progesterone = 29

Now the Prolactin is wrong isn't it? 180 sounds ever so high! But Dr's say this is normal so maybe they use different measurements.

Obviously looking at Progesterone results we can see that CD 21 was obviously too early too test as cycles are 30 days.

But the CD 24 progesterone - what does that mean?

I know that above 30 means you are ovulating so what does 29 actually mean for me??

I thought I ov'd CD 16 last cycle because of all the signs and therefore predicted AF on CD 30 giving me a 29 day cycle due to having a 13 day LP. I was right and that did happen.

But surely if I ovulated CD 16 the progesterone levels would have been higher than 29?

Sorry for asking all the questions I'm just trying to make sense of it all.

These bloods were done last cycle before I started Clomid.

Thanks again for any help,

Love Kayla xxx
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The prolactin is slightly higher than normal but not a problem. Progesterone level is fine in the July cycle as a level of around 30 is great so agan nothing to worry about.

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