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I am feeling so anxious.. I know this is a slightly nutty question but has anyone or do you know of anyone who miscarried with no spotting /bleeding or pain?

My current pregnancy situation is as follows:

Good increasing HB of 5w 6d - 107 bpm
6w 5d - 143 bpm
8w 0d - 171 bpm
No areas of bleeding around the sac -[I say this because we had our first miscarriage after a huge subchorionic haemorrhage]
Good decidual reaction
NO SPOTTING whatsoever
Betas that went - 17DPO = 1890
19DPO = 5010
26DPO = 29,998

Has anyone ever had a miscarriage after seemingly good results?

Thanks and any reassurance would be great.
I had a very scary dream last night about my ovary erupting - like a warning dream... Now I feel more uptight than before. :(

Melanie - working in ultrasound clinic [thats why I've had so many :)] and mother to Jason almost 4years old. :-[

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All those results look great as I am sure you know. We can never rule out miscarriage as sometimes it happens out of the blue and with absolutley no warning. The chances of this happening are very low given how things are progressing for you so far.
Enjoy your pregnancy and try to relax as much as possible.

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