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Hi all I just wanted to talk about IVf Clinics abroad are they good? Yes they are !!! Its funny how you can wait years and year in the UK for embryos yet the government are making it so difficult for couples to have eggs due to the disclosure of information of the donor. Why is it that this country is forcing people out the country to find hope elsewhere?.

I have been to India and having been having IVF 1st attempt the doctor suggested dut to my background the increased eggs so I had 5 embryos put in remember previous attempt kept getting pregnant and miscarrying at six weeks. Low and behold I was told due to having cancer as a child I would NEVER NEVER conceive I was Pregnant and was expecting mum of Five Yes Five babies I Carried till 11 Weeks with complications and was not given a choice in the UK but to have a fetal reduction. Going against my morales and beliefs I felt that I was in a very difficult situation. I had the reduction and lost the twins the following week.

What I am really trying to say is that even though I had increased numbers of embryos I was for the first time ever pregnant and nearly there !! I have had two failed attempts again.

Now I am Looking for another clinic abroad as I keep getting ill in India due to major climate changes and lifestyle any suggestions !!!

The main thing is don't give Up there is a time and place for everything and what will be will be , even though we think were in control were really not !!

I hope that in some way I can help and life has to go on, no matter how deep the desire is, we just have to keep going so picking up the pieces and hold our chins up and carry on !!!!! :) :)
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