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I had EC 30th July, but ET was postponed due to the risk of OHSS (I had well over 40 follies, and got 30 eggs)  I now have some forostie babies, and was told by my clinic that I should wait 1 cycle, and then I could have my FET on cy7cle 2. 
I am now 9 days into cycle 1, and am thinking theres no way I'll be having FET next cycle!    I had heavy AF for 2 days, and have been lightly spotting ever since. 
Plus, I have been taking my temps to see if I ovulate this cycle, but they appear to be all over the place, and not very consistant, which is unusual for me.
Is it normal to have a strange af, and strange cycle for a time after IVF? 
My clinic havent really advised me, and I don't want to ring and ask them when it seems so minor.
I guess if we do try to have FET next cycle, they will be able to tell if my body is ready or not, and either continue or put it back another month or so?
Thanks for the advice,
Marie xx

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Hi Marie

After my first cycle of ivf my next period was all over the place.  It didn't come for 6 weeks !!.

If in doubt I would call the clinic.  They have always told me to call if I have any problems or questions. 

On a fet they always make sure you ovulate.  If you don't I imagine they will postpone and do a medicated fet. 

Take care hun,

Natalie xx
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