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Hey everyone! I haven’t posted on here in a very very long time, but I’m just wondering if anyone has done IVF in Cyprus and has any recommendations of clinics, or any advice in general?

Little bit of background:

  • I found out around 2014 that both my Fallopian tubes were blocked- had to have them both removed
  • Did 4 rounds of IVF in the UK and finally fell pregnant with my Son- had him in July 2019
  • Husband is in the military and we are currently posted to Cyprus- we have been here since October 2020 and we think we have around 9-10 months left here

Since we had our son we have been discussing whether we ever try again for a sibling. Financially it was out the question really in the UK, especially as it took 4 rounds the first time. However now that we are here, and have managed to save a bit of money during our posting, we have been thinking about it again and we think we do want to look at trying whilst we are here.

I would be so grateful if anyone has any advice or experiences of IVF in Cyprus, as Googling is a bit of a minefield and it’s hard to work out what is a genuine review sometimes.

Thanks in advance 😊 xx
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