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HI EVERYONE from Sunny Spain ;D

OK Its probably time I joined this thread !  Its my first IVF and I still can´t believe I am in the 2ww ;D

I had DE ICSI in Spain.  We got 6 eggs from our donor.  Only 3 fertilised and one sadly didn´t make it :(    I had ET on Saturday so I am now on Day 4.  My embryos were a 4 cell and a 2 cell, both Grade 1.  I test on Day 12 which is the 29th Sept.

I have had cramping and have felt sick at various times but not all the time, and feel nervous as hell when I feel ok !  Isn´t that ironic ;D

Also, I have hardly slept and feel really stressed.  I hope that being stressed is not affecting my embies :(  I am really worried about that   ^eyes^

CONGRATULATIONS to all the BFPs on the board and GOOD LUCK  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ to everyone still in the dreaded 2ww :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all better :)

Jennifer xx xx

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Good Luck Jennifer!, My 2 ww was over on Monday (got a BFP), just try to relax and not get stressed out to much! Keep in touch.
Denise x
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