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Hi Deborah
You've been reading Marilyn Glenville, haven't you?  she's got a real downer on IVF/ICSI and I think it's mean of her to go on about ovarian cancer without giving any stats.

There is a slight risk, I can't remember how much, but as you say, I think the various studies show different things - a bit like the autism/MMR studies - backwards and forwards.  Generally there are lots of risks I guess with all forms of treatments and indeed with pregnancy, so you need to weigh them up before you go for it.
However you will be briefed on it as part of your pre-treatment counselling and you will have to sign to say you're aware of the risks.  I think it was so slim that I didn't even clock what they were saying.

Sorry don't know much more than that but no doubt someone will come up with a weblink for you -they always do here!

Thanks for the IM by the way

Claire xx
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