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Hi, I hope someone can enlighten me following my meeting with my consultant today. I abandoned my first IVF earlier this month due to poor response, 5 follies only 2/3 of decent size. Today the consultant said not to get my hopes up for a better response and maybe we should consider waiting for egg donor. This is something we had not even thought about. He also said that oestrogen levels on my day 10 scan were very low, 3000 whereas they prefer 10-15000. Sorry, I'm waffling but I feel totally confused and all over the place.

Basically my question is why is the oestrogen level so crucial and why could I have so low oestrogen levels and is there anything I can do to improve this?

Also the hosp has agreed to switch me from Menopur to Gonal F, will this make any difference?

Sorry this is a bit all over the place but I'm feeling a bit shellshocked.


Deb x
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