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Hi Sue and Karen

Was just having a lurk on the CIPD community boards and saw this under a post called 'IVF Policy'. I can't reply as it is not anonymous and no-one at my work knows about my situation. I wondered if either of you would feel comfortable replying to see if we could get hold of the policy at Gail Dunn's place of work (or get me a job there  ;D ) What do you think??:

Lisa Johnson
CIPD Member
09-March-2005  5:27 pm


I am trying to put together an IVF policy and could really do with some help. Would anyone be prepared to share their IVF policy with me or tell me what sort of support they provide their employees and how many lots of treatment do you support?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Ros Bolton
CIPD Member
09-March-2005  6:46 pm

 Currently IVF treatment is seen as 'elective' and does not qualify for time off unless it is taken as flexitime or holiday.

Duncan Gardner
09-March-2005  9:29 pm

 My organisation supports in principle but is vague in practice, both regarding time/ scale and other support.

Good start though.

Gail Dunn
CIPD Member
10-March-2005  11:41am

 We allow up to 26 days unpaid leave per year for IVF and fertility treatment. Employees can also save 10 days annual leave and carry it forward to the next leave year if they wish.
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