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Hi Sallyt31, I’m not with IVF Alicante, i’m with Instituto Bernebau Alicante but saw your post and thought I’d reply. I’m also in the East Mids and had my lining scan at Nuffield Health privately. There’s also a place called Miracle in Progress in Shepshed that does the scans.

I’ve had my bloods done at nuffield but Medichecks is also a good option as they have clinics all around the UK.

My clinic sent my prescription directly to Fertility2U and they processed it and delivered the medication. They accept Spanish prescriptions.

The Instituto Bernabeu board on here is a little more active and a few of us are getting ready to go out around May/ June so feel free to pop over on there if you need more help with Alicante plans or just want some people to chat to

981 - 981 of 981 Posts