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Dear all,
I've been a Fertility Friends' member for the last three months now, and am currently undergoing IUI (due for my last one next month, then hopping on to IVF). I am also a journalist and work for 'Essentials', a women's magazine aimed at 27-40 somethings. Because of my own experience of infertility, and because I can give a personal perspective, I've been commissioned to write a feature that will appear in the November issue. Unfortunately, what I can't yet give is an account of going through IVF â€" successfully â€" and I have to tell the story of someone who has!
I'm looking for a woman ideally aged 28-35 who will be willing to be interviewed over the phone for 15 minutes, and happy to have a photo of herself and her little miracle in the magazine. She will have full copy approval before the piece goes to press. I won't want to know any hugely intimate details (I'll be providing enough of my own for the article!) but I would like to know about the emotional/physical side of going through IVF and any advice for our readers about what to expect.
I'll need to do the interview within the next week.
Please, please, if anyone can help, can you reply asap?
Many thanks and best wishes,
Claire (also known as Catwoman on the IUI board!)
(Claire Williams, deputy chief sub editor, Essentials magazine).
PS I will be able to offer payment â€" probably only about £50, as the IVF interview part of the article will be quite small (probably about 150-200 words max) and the interview will be conducted by phone and should only take 10-15 minutes. I will also, of course, be giving the Fertility Friends website a big plug 'cos it's my lifeline!

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