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Wondering if you can help.

Bit confused. Why is is that some people dont do the suppression part of the drug treatment and just do the stimulation?

Im hoping when I start ICSI I will be able to take as few drugs as poss and avoid to many injections.... just wondering why suppression part can be avoided.

thanks Deborah

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Hi Deborah!
I think I might only add to your confusion because I have a similar question too.
I think it's the difference between a long protocol and a short protocol.
In my first cycle we were doing a long protocol, which involved taking a drug to down regulate (sort of turn off the ovaries) I did this by injection but other people do it by sniffing the drugs. I was told that the aim of this was to make sure that they could control when the ovaries released the eggs.
Unfortunately it didn't work in that the longer i took the down reg drugs for the higher my oestrogen levels got. So I am due to do a 'short protocol' this time, going straight to the stiming without any down regulation.
So my questions are:
1) How will they stop my ovaries from releasing the eggs too soon?
2) Are there any disadvantages to doing a short protocol?
3) All the information I've found so far says you go in the pill for a month before doing a short protocol - so why haven't my clinic told me to do this?
Sorry if I've made you more confused Deborah - can anybody out there explain it a bit better please?

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Hi Lizibee and Deb10

Doing a few posts this morning so I hope I can help.  Long protocol is when you start downregging on day 21, have a bleed and then start stimming when your lining etc is under control and your hormones are at the right levels.  The DR part is to get your cycle under the control of the docs(hormones etc) and is better because the drugs then control what happens rather than your own body.......unfortunately this does not always work........I was downregging for about 6 weeks and my oestradiol levels were so high they though I was already pg!!  The short protocol is used to boost your natural cycle by stimming but even so, you will still sniff/jab the downreg drugs because this will prevent you from ovulating.  I did short protocol the last time because of a poor response on long protocol.  On short, I sniffed Synarel in the same quantities as when I did the long protocol down reg phase but I was stimming at the same time.  When I did the long protocol, once I started stimming my sniffing was halved.

So in answer to your questions (I hope).....
1)  you will still take the down reg drugs at the same time as stimming and this stops you from ov'ing. 
2)  No real disadvantages to short I don't think, perhaps the clinic has slightly less control but for us it is much quicker.....2 weeks from start to EC!
3)  I have not been on the pill for 4 years and was not given this for the short protocol.  Some women do but most do not.

Lizibee - I am sorry to hear about your abandoned......better luck next time and I hope it goes more to plan for you.

Deb10 - there are different drugs out there.....you can downreg by sniffing rather than injecting so discuss this with your clinic.

Good luck with everything

Love Martha xxx
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