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Hi everyone...

My DH has done 3 SA's now and they had the following count - 840,000 - 790,000 and then 850,000 - they told us he had 8% normal forms...........

Our consultant at Care as told us that he is 99% positive it was caused by DH's undescended testical when he was a baby.......

I just want to know - what is his condition called, is there anything that we can call it, other than low sperm count??

Also, is DH's sperm count just a bit low, very low or severly low?? We have only been told the numbers.....



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I would have thought that a low sperm count fell under the Oligospermia (also known as Oligozoospermia). If you Google that you should find more info. Apparently, a count of under £20m is classed as a low sperm count or Oligospermia.

I know a low sperm count makes it very difficult to conceive naturally but just bear in mind that it only takes one sperm and with 8% normal forms that means with your DH's count there are approximately 64,000 good ones to choose from if you went ahead with icsi!!!

Always got to look on the bright side or we'd go bonkers!!

Take care
Lou xx

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