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Hi all,
Ive just started at the ARGC, im soo soo impressed!!
Its very intense to say the least but hopefully worth it in the end.
So far i have finally had a good/low month for my bloods, which are all below the reccommended amount.
I have had a cyst removed from my ovary, (apparently needed doing as it can draw in all the drugs meant for the folicles). This was done under deep sedation and was no remembering of it or pain.
Every day our drugs have changed-the amount, times etc.
Im now taking:
*Merional (at random times of the day)
*cetritide (every morning at 5-6am)
*baby aspirin evry day
*clexane (evenings)
*steroids (morning)
*folic acid
*2lt of water
*1lt of milk

Then on Wednesday I need to have some intripid done where a bag of fluids is transfered into your system, this as im to believe is certain nurtients that support your immune system. There is not much about it on here. Its all connected to the NK cells.
Its good that the bloods/scans are so early as the parking tendants are still in bed!! Lol.
Im so impressed with what has been done so far and highly reccommend the Clinic.
Its costly but best not to think too much about the money.
Was talking to a lovely lady in the waiting room and she was telling me someone she was speaking to came down from Manchester everyday for her treatment, that makes my 1-2 hour journey look like a piece of cake.
I hope this info may help some of you who may be starting at the clinic soon.

Would be nice to hear some of your experiences so far.
Merry Christmas to you all.
Katy XX

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Hi Katy

So pleased you are impressed with your experience and are being treated so well by the clinic - I have to say I was equally impressed!

I was cycling with them nearly a year ago and as you can see from my profile I now have 8 week old twins. I'd had 4 failed IVFs before moving clinics to the ARGC and I cycled with ladies from all over - Ireland, Bristol, Coventry, Cardiff - it certainly is worth travelling for.

All the best for your cycle  ^fairydust^

Karenanna xxx

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Thanks very much for that will do. x
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