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Hi there

I contracted Labyrinthitis 13 days ago. Has anyone had this before? Basically, it is a (self-limiting, so it goes away in its own good time) virus which causes inflamation in the inner ear - you get vertigo (the room spins like you are drunk), and you fall over a lot (like you're drunk) and you feel nauseas (hmmm, like you're drunk...).

Anyway, it is horrible, and I was told it can last between a few days and a few months  :-\
It started very suddenly and I was given Betahistine, which has taken away the worse of the vertigo.

I am now relatively OK if I am sat reasonably still on the sofa (symptoms generally subside if you keep still) and can even play the odd computer game to while away the time....(once ER is finished, daytime TV sucks)
But if more than one other person comes to visit me, or if I have to walk around a lot (esp. outside the house) I am light headed, and have a feeling of dysequilibrium, I get dizzy if I move too fast, and there is a wierd "bouncy floor" feeling when I walk.  :(
As I am so often just pottering around the house or sitting on the sofa, I don't notice these much and feel like I should be getting back to work.

The problem is, I really don't feel that I would be safe driving (and I work some distance from home), and certainly couldn't carry out my job properly (I work directly with people and have to have my wits about me). My Boss says I can't work from home as I need to be able to get into the office if needed, and if I can't then I am not ready to come back to work.

I feel useless. I feel like I should be better by now. I feel that, as most of the day I have very little symptoms (because I avoid things that bring them on), I am just being lazy and should get back to work. And I am worried that other people think this of me too.  :-\

I am signed off til tomorrow, and the Doctor should be calling me today so I can update him and he can tell me whether he will sign me off for another week - part of me wants him to, but the other part (the part that said all that stuff in the last paragraph) wants him to tell me I can start work again.

Help! I've just had enough! :'(

Has anyone else out there had this, and how long did it take before you got back to work?!!?

Really need advice or support.


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Hello Pabboo

^hugme^ because that is horrible. I had a mild form of it about 10 years ago. That spinning feeling is just awful - I remember it well. Mmmm - trying to remember but I think I was off work about 3 weeks - mainly also because of the driving.

I know how frustrating it is being off work. But I think you might have to be patient a while longer hun.

I hope the GP is helpful.


Emma x

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I am so sorry your going through this... i also suffer from labyrinthitis and know how dibilatating it can be! Sending you ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^ and ^pray^ yours eases off soon. I know my last *attack* of this lasted around 10 weeks but i think thats quite unusual (normally its between 1-3 weeks). I do understand you wanting to go back since sleeping is around the only time i got any relief from it and well you cant sleep all day long.... even lying down made me feel ill at the time, so you definitely have my sympathies hun, but i wouldnt risk going back to work before your ready especially if you have to drive...it can be quite unpredictable and a bad dizzy spell when your driving wouldn't be easy to cope/deal with.

It is frustrating but it will go and i think you just have to rest the best you can til then ^hugme^ ^hugme^


P.s there is some more info here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labyrinthitis

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