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Hi Everyone

Well after 6/7 yrs of ttc and no explanations- I had a lap 2weeks ago and the Drs found a "significant" amount of endometriosis.  I was both shocked and relieved because on the one hand I feel that finally we have an explanation for the IF - however I was half expecting them to come back with the usual non-diagnosis of unexplained so now I'm a little confused.  The Drs said they lasered the endo away.  I didn't ask what "stage" endo it was and neither did I ask where it was found - tbh I was still very out of it from the anesthetic.  My AF was due v.soon after the lap so I've had 2weeks of continuous bleeding - with today being the first bleed free day  :).  I also had a dye test which showed that tubes are clear and had a polyp removed.  My follow up appt with Consultant is next month. 

Anyway what I'm trying to say is - What now?  As far as I was aware (apart from IF) I had nothing wrong with me - I never really experience bad AF pains, cramps etc - but I understand that endo can reappear - is there anything that I can do to prevent or delay the reappearance - foods, supplements, exercise, medication.  The Dr did mention that now we have a poss explanation for the IF we might like to try another IUI before embarking on IVF - what do people think about this?  Also my dissolveable stitches are still v.visible - I thought they dissolved within 10days? ???

I really would appreciate some advice from you lovely ladies.

Anand xxx
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