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Hi all

I am looking for some advice - had 3 rounds of ICSI in the last 18months - 1st one resulted in BFP but m/c at 5+weeks.  Last 2 AF has arrived 2-3 days before OTD.  Of course we are devastated and don't know where to go from here - we cant afford another round at the moment, if at all but wanted some advice.

AMH 3.4 was on flare protocol of norithsterone tablets, then AF, then Synarel nasal spray, gonal F 300iu one per day for on average only 4-5 days.  Post ET support was pregnyl 750iu only. 

1st ICSI -  got 5 eggs - only 2 made it to et
2nd ICSI - got 3 eggs - only 2 made it to et
3rd ICSI - got 2 eggs - only made it to 1 for et

all treatments were at the same clinic

I am not sure of some many things - is it worth getting a 2nd opinion?  We were told we should now think about going for donor eggs - I am not sure??  The protocol seems to have been a recipe book treatment and not tailored to individual needs.

Should we give up and try to conceive naturally - DH sperm samples have been so much better since original one was analysed??
Should we think of going abroad?

It is so hard to think that life will be like this forever with no children - it breaks my heart but we are at cross roads and we we don't know what to do.

Please help


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Hi Lorna,

I didn't want to read and run although I'm afraid I can't help as we're about to embark on our first icsi in jan. But big  ^hugme^ 's to you and dh it must be so hard to make that decision, personally I would think about changing clinics and using donor eggs to give you a better chance, i know that may not be everyone's cup of tea but there are so many woman that do. I'm going to be egg sharing in jan and all the tests that i've had to go though re-assure me that recipients do only get the best when it comes to donor's, if anything's not 100% you can't do it so maybe this would give you a better chance? Maybe take a break for a while (3 tx's in 18 months sounds like you've really been through it) and see how you both feel about it after a bit of R&R.

Personally if i had to make a choice I would have some time off, change clinic and have another go using donor eggs but that's just me, sorry I'm no help but I really hope you are feeling more posistive about things soon.

Loads of  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^  and  ^fairydust^  for you both.


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Hi Lorna,

First off,  ^hugme^ ^hugme^ ^hugme^  for the failed tx. It's heartbreaking.

Whether you go for a second opinion depends on whether you're ready to give up on your own eggs yet. Dh and I faced a similar choice 3 years ago when our last tx was abandoned prior to ec because we only had two decent follies and the clinic didn't think it was worth continuing. The cons there said that we should only try again with my eggs if we would regret not doing so.

Our record was

1st ICSI - 13 eggs only 3 mature, one fertilised - BFN
2nd ICSI - 7 eggs, 4 mature, 3 fertilised. - BFN
3rd ICSI - abandoned prior to EC. Not absorbing the meds.

We decided that we wanted a second opinion as we felt there was a one size fits all approach from our last clinic and have been lucky to get more NHS funding so have tried elsewhere and haven't regretted doing so. And won't, even if the tx fails. We had a similar story of lots of eggs but mostly immature, but we have two embies on board and hopefully settling in. Whatever the result, we know we've given it our all and we won't regret not trying. However, if we'd felt that we'd already reached that stage last time around we wouldn't be trying this way.

How are you feeling about trying again? Or about using donor eggs? I know lots of people who've gone abroad for donor tx and now have lovely children. You need to think about how you're feeling about your potential family.

Also, have you looked in on the poor responders thread on here? There's lots of useful advice and support on there from ladies who have similar experiences.

Whatever you decide,  ^reiki^  for the future.

Cath x


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Hi Lorna
I feel your pain hon.
I would set up an apt with a different clinic before using Donor eggs.
Sometimes I feel clinics are too quick to suggest this. It is defo worth an apt with somewhere else & to get their take on things my lovely.

If at the end of the day it is the donor eg route then I would save up my lovely while TTC naturaly & pop off abroad.
Have a holiday at the same time.
My last try is next month & I may be in the same position as you & thats my plan anyhoo.
Good luck on your journey my lovely
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