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Hi Girls I am going to do my first IVF/PGD begining end of May begining of June I was orignally put on a long protocol of lucrin and 450iu menopur ( going abroad to Turkey ) but on review of my results I am 40, my FSH was 8.0 ( although previously has been 9.2),  LH 3.4 but my oestradial was high at 147 pmol/L they have changed me to short protocol Menopur and cetrotide. I just wondered what the advantage is of long over short protocol and vice versa?

I also wanted to ask some further questions if you don't mind what is this DHEA that I hear are talked about and is it worth me taking it now since I will start stimming hopefully at the end of May? Also me and DH take foresight supplements ( vits and mins ) and wondered if you could take it at the same time if you know? where do you get it from and what is the best amount to take?

The other thing I feel a bit embarressed asking but how often should we DTD to keep DH count at at optimum in the next fews weeks and then when we get close to stims and to egg collection if we are lucky enought to get that far. DH count/motiliy is not great. Is there anything we should eat or drink to help those eggs develop and after ET to help implantation? sorry for the questions but everyone here is very knowledgable about everything.  good luck to everyone else for your treatment and thanks for your help l

love Karen xxx
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