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Hi Ruth,

I'm at day 5 of stimming. Had only had 4 injections prior to the scan.

I had my first follie scan today which wasn't very good news.  I had 25 on my right ovary and 20+ on my left. They couldn't quite see the left one properly as it was obscured by my bowel so couldn't really measure them all. I have PCOS and so most were there before I think. They didn't bother measuring them all, only the larger ones.

Right ovary - 10.7,  9.9,  9.5,  9.0,  8.3,  8.1,  7.9,  6.2,  6.0

Left ovary - 11.1,  9.7,  9.6,  9.4,  7.4,  6.8 (but mostly obscured by bowel)

My lining was 10.8mm.

They said that the may have to cancel the cycle  as there are too many follicles and that they would have to keep a close eye on my oestradiol. Today's (day 5) was 2100 which was high. They cut my dose of puregon from 150iu to 100iu and said they wanted to see me back on Wednesday for another scan and bloods. They will then decide whether to cancel or not.

Any feedback at all would be greatly appreciated as I don't really know what my options are or what would happen if they cancel.  My clinic seem so busy that they don't have time to tell you anything and you always feel like you're holding them up. Not their fault but it leaves me with lots of unanswered questions. Or are they left to pop on their own or be absorbed?

Also I've heard that if you have a lot of follicles the quality of the eggs are poorer. Do you think that this will apply to me? I would imagine  it would with the smaller ones but what about the larger ones? If they don't cancel the cycle and carry on what are how will this affect the overall result. Will I be more likely to get pg or just more likely to have OHSS in pregnancy?. Sorry for so many questions.

Thanks in advance

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