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DH had the results of his semen analysis yesterday and the they were poor; 10 million with 90% abnormal and low motility. He has been drinking 2 or 3 units a day and had a particularly heavy binge the week before the test. We didn't ask if that would affect the test result and regret that now!

The consultant has asked him to come back for another s/a in two months. Meantime he's to improve his lifestyle! He's committed so it isn't a problem but will two months allow for any changes in lifestyle to show in the semen? DH seems to think that nothing will change in his result until three months after stopping drinking etc.

The consultant is keen to move things on as we are both getting on(!) but are we rushing it but not giving the sperm a full three months?

Any sign of improvement would be great news, perhaps the upward trend would already show after two months and that's why the consultant has booked us in then?

Any advice much appreciated!



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They way I understand it, is that it *can* take a full three months.

The drinking certainly doesnt help and neither does things like cola drinks.

Here is an article that you will probably find useful...

I'm a fairly new member, after being passed details of this site by my wife.

I thought I'd add some usefull information to the male infertility area, and perhaps share a few things I've been advised by an Andrologist I'm currently seeing.

Obviously this may or may not be useful, but here goes......!

My wife and I have been trying to start a family since 1996/7 - We discovered back then that I had a very low sperm count - It was usually below the 1 million mark generally between 0.1 and 0.5 with 1-2% mobility.

The advice we received was basically that we would have to go the IVF/ICSI way, and have so far had 3 failed attempts, and 1 failed frozen cycle in which none of the eggs got past the thawing stage.

I felt absolutely awful that my wife had to go through all these painful procedures for what was basically "my" problem - But like many wasn't really offered much in the way of investigation as to why I had such a low sperm count / mobility rate.

The only thing we had on our side really was time - We found out whilst in our mid twenties.

Well the money has been saved / begged / borrowed again, and we are about to start our 4th ICSI cycle this month - Prior to starting however, I decided to try and find out as much as I could about my infertility.

I knew that I had normal gene / chromosome / hormone levels. I knew I had a small varicocele.

Armed with this information I made an appointment to see an andrologist privately, to see what he could advise.

Well I went along for what I thought was going to be an initial consultation, it turned out that I soon had a few "painful" procedures of my own to boast about!

What I have been told.......

Take a decent multi-vitamin
This I imagine is sound general advice so I won't go any further.

Take Vitamin E at 200mg
Apparantly these free radical scavengers are important in male fertility.

Take Selenium at 200mg
Same as above.

Carry out measures to preserve scrotal cooling
The usual advice of no hot baths / saunas / wear boxers etc.

Don't drink alcohol
Apparantly alcohol plays a large part in male infertility.
Any more than the recommended unit allowence per day is enough to cause adverse effects.
Even worse is "Binge" drinking - I don't drink one week to the next, but being an active member of a local rugby club, I have been known to do my whole month's units in one session! LOL!!
This is a definate "no-no" apparantly. It's enough to completely "zap" production of the little soldiers.
So I've been told to lay off for 3 months or drink no more than the allowed daily units.
I've chosen to lay off as much as possible, but with the occasional beer or glass of wine.

I also had several samples taken from urine / semen / and prostate. (If you've seen "Road Trip" I think you'll know what I mean!!!)
The samples after being cultured returned the results that I was playing host to two seperate organisms both with implications in infertility.

ureaplasma and beta haemolytic streptococcus.

The treatment for the above being a 10 day course for me, and a 5 day course for my wife of Erythromycin.
Apparantly one of the little nasties may also cause problems with female fertility.
Plus there was the chance of us passing them back and forth if only one of us was treated..... So it was upset tums for a while whilst on fairly strong antibiotics.

The results so far.........
I've only had one semen sample since, but the results so far are looking good.

I had a count of 12 million - This was double my previous highest count which I had achieved only once. The rest of the time my counts have been sub 1 million.

The mobility rate was 1-2% but also I had 5% showing sluggish mobility - So these extra 5% have appeared from out of the blue.
Obviously the mobility is still very poor, but up a little!

Going to see this specialist is definately the best thing I've done - He seems to have looked at the whole picture. We are still being advised to continue with ICSI, but for the first time I actually feel like my infertility is being given consideration.
Even if it's beyond actually curing, I feel I now know more about it than I have ever done.

I don't go back again for my next appointment until October, but I will keep this posted.

Until then hopes and prayers please as we start our 4th cycle in a few days time.

Bye for now.
It would make sense to get DH to live as healthy as possible, even a cold can have an effect - so make sure he gets his full RDA of vits (but dont over do it;) )

All the best,

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That's a really useful article as well as being encouraging, we shall certainly do everything we can to boost the best swimmers! Hopefully things will look a lot better after the next test...

Very many thanks!
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