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New home ladies.........much love and luck to everyone ^daisy^

sal24601 2 May ^hugme^
country girl 2 May ^congrats^
Gizzy 2 May ^congrats^
Clare25 2 May ^congrats^
Midge69 3 May ^congrats^
Saggy 4 May
Pinkpeach 4 May ^hugme^
Andream 4 May ^congrats^
juliet 4 May
Karray 4 May ^congrats^
EMM 5 May ^hugme^
Tyler 5 May ^hugme^
lally 5 May ^congrats^
satsuma1 6 May ^congrats^
Kelsey 6 May ^hugme^
catnap111 6 May ^hugme^
alext 6 May ^hugme^
Hollysox 6 May ^congrats^
Shamrock63 6 May ^congrats^
Maddie18 6 May ^hugme^
Flumpette 6 May ^congrats^
Steph_2001 7 May ^congrats^
ellie7 9 May ^hugme^
Tracey J 9 May ^congrats^
Gen 9 May ^hugme^
melb 9 May
sheelz 10 May
T&A_786 10 May ^congrats^
Deb P 11 May ^hugme^
Enigma 11 May ^hugme^
Stringbob 11 May ^congrats^
rachaelm 11 May
ladyroxton 11 May ^hugme^
KimE 11 May ^hugme^
wendyf 12 May ^congrats^
lollita 12 May
bluemoon 12 May ^congrats^
Damen 12 May ^hugme^
Tay 12 May ^congrats^
ceepee 12 May ^congrats^
freda 12 May ^congrats^
Tina K 12 May ^hugme^
TULIPANO 12 May ^congrats^
Susanah 12 May ^congrats^
Caro70 13 May ^congrats^
susy 13 May ^hugme^
sjm 13 May
radar5 13 May ^hugme^
Mog 13 May
starrysky 14 May
borntoshop7474 14 May ^hugme^
KathY 17 May ^hugme^
EMMA O 18 May ^hugme^
Kelly M 18 May ^congrats^
Lisa 1 19 May ^hugme^
Bec_J 19 May ^congrats^
Tracey L 19 May ^hugme^
Bella_Bella 20 May
lessa 20 May ^hugme^
TigersEye 20 May ^congrats^
skinnybint 20 May ^hugme^
choccolatti 21 May ^hugme^
Léonie 21 May
firstcontact001 23 May ^congrats^
kayjon 23 May ^hugme^
belle23 23 May
vix 23 May ^congrats^
pearly paula 23 May ^hugme^
AnnaH 23 May
KatieJ 23 May ^congrats^
Newport12 23 May ^hugme^
claudiaderi 23 May
nicky30 24 May ^hugme^
Heather18 25 May
jih 25 May
thornsey 25 May ^hugme^
emsy25 25 May ^congrats^
sinny 25 May
poppins 26 May ^hugme^
bigJ 26 May ^congrats^
joanne3 27 May ^hugme^
rookie 27 May ^hugme^
Jellyhead ^congrats^
Cinderella 28 May
Nickki 28 May
Lisa3745 28 May ^congrats^
CICLEY 28 May ^hugme^
69chick 30 May ^hugme^
cathyq ^hugme^
woo 30 May ^hugme^
lucky8 30 May
LisaH 30 May ^congrats^
Ali99 30 May ^congrats^
Edna 31 May
isobel 2 Jun
Snagglepat 2 Jun
Jue Jue 2 2 Jun
poppyfish 2 Jun ^hugme^
nickjoanneowen 3 Jun
kahew 3 Jun
casey 3 Jun
ck6 3 Jun
Raggy 4 Jun ^hugme^
Madison 4 Jun ^hugme^
JJR 9 Jun
sharonw 9 Jun
sussexgirl 11 Jun
Anne_7 12 Jun
Jus 12 Jun

Love, luck and babydust ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Lizzy xxxxxxx

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Welcome BigJ and Casey......loads of luck to you :) :)

BigJ ~ your doggies look gorgeous....rescue dogs are the best!!

M ~ make sure you work DH really hard tomorrow ;D

E (Newport) good luck Monday :)

Take care, Lizzy xxxx

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Can I join you too?

I'm now in the FFH having had two lovely embryos transferred on Wednesday. My test date is 31/5. Not sure how I'm going to get there. I'm not patient and hate waiting. What a good combo! If I could chat to you folks I'm sure it would help.



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Welcome Edna.....hope you are doing ok :)

Wish i could make the time go faster for you but at least theres loads of lovely ladies here to chat to,

Love and babydust, Lizzy xxxx

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jkust wanted to reply to Newport, I see your test day is 23rd, don't give up Hon.  I have seen ladies on 2ww with bleeding at the end go BFP and my sister had light periods for the first 3 months of her 2 successful pregnancies.....are you doing bloods or pee stick??? Don't you dare test early  ^police^ just 2 sleeps to go sweetie, you can do it  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Hi Edna it's terrible isn't it???  I have just started the 2nd week, first week I felt really on edge all the time ^evil^ ^evil^ (poor dh) and was trying so hard to RELAX that I just got in a state  :eek: :eek: This week I am doing more normal things, walking the dogs with dh, going out and about, no strenuous stuff, but the way I see it we either have implanted or not, and activity and blood flow can only be good compared to internalised stress which must be bad  ^eyes^

woke up at 4 this morning, so woke dh and he joined me on the sofa for a bad hitchcock movie and a boiled egg.  Then I went back to bed and he went off to work...

Love to all 2wwers, and hi poppins my test buddy  :) :) :) ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Love bigJ

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Hi lizzy

how do i get my name on the list?
I had ET on 12 may with test date 27th may.
thanks v much

rookie x

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Hello Ladies

Thank you all for your replies, feel a bit better today.

Congratulations to all the BFP's - well done.  Enjoy the next 9 months and take it easy.

My thoughts are with the BFN's - it's hard isn't it but hang in there, i know we will get our dream hopefully in the near future.

I am now determined to get some answers from the consultant as i would like immune test done for NK cells etc, not sure if they do them at my clinic (CARU, Cardiff) and if they don't where to get them done. 

Take care all and good luck to all the 2ww'ers and everthing crossed for you.


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hi there girls

just popped over frm ladybirds and want 2 wish u all loads of baby dust  ^fairydust^ im really sorry 2 those of u that had  ^BFN^ i know its hard but try and stay strong u will get thee 1 day.
to those of u with  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ u r sooooo lucky and i hope i will be joining u very soooon...welldone!!! has anyone heard how choccalatti got on with her test? hope she got ^reiki^.
love 2 u all....love lisa xxx :-*

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:)hello can i join you please ...had et today 3 embies on board.... con gave me a day early for testing... 3rd june sounds a long way off  ;) thanks  ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ good luck everyone  caroline xxx

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Hi there Caroline and Rookie.....welcome to the 2ww :) :)

Hope it all goes ok for you.....loads of luck,

Lizzy xxxx

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Thank you very much for supporting words bigJ, but I think this is over for me. Far away from light bleeding, this was a full blown period and my last test (First Response) came out negative, so I'm not clinging to any hope for tomorrow's test. However, will be nice to finally met with my new gyno and already thinking about my next steps. Will probaly go to the same clinic my sister went to (she is 37 and has a healthy 5 months old son). Quite honestly, I wasn't giving it too much hope for our first icsi attempt (and first try at any of the ART, for that matter), given dh's poor sperm quality, to be fair our chances were at about 17%. But I'm not too sad either, more frustrated and angry if anything. Perhaps there is a luck in it all, that defective blast didn't catch on, that at least its over soo early in the process, rather than going thru the pain of bonding and carrying for several months and than, God forbid, lossing it. This way I never really had a chance to attach myself to those 3 cells, they were more an idea of a child, rather than something I had bonded with. Maybe that is why I'm more angry for going thru all of this for weeks and not feeling sadness per se. Having said that, at least I learnt something about myself, those around me in time of need, procedure itself and yes - giving shots! Should come in handy in October, when I'm planning on trying again, this time in London. So, hang in there ladies, we will all eventually get what we want...
Best of luck to all and keeping my fingers crossed for you..



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Good Afternoon Ladies

Newport12 - I have just read your post - sorry about the First Response and to hear that you are bleeding. ^hugme^

I take it that your sisters' son was born through IVF - how wonderful to have someone so close to understand how you are feeling, and to give you hope and strength to carry on.

In 2003 I had a m/c at 8 weeks, and told myself much the same thing as you, that thank God it happened sooner rather than later and I then got to thinking that really we are all just on a kind of conveyor belt chugging along and some get to their destination quicker than others and sometimes bad things happen on the way.  Even if pregnancy does happen to me (and if it doesnt we will probably try and adopt) - the worry will still continue!! :)

Lizzy - Thanks for adding me to the list - my test date is 30th (Bank Holiday Monday - Fan - Tastic!!).  At least DH will be at home with me to get the results.  I don't think the penny has dropped yet that the pub will be out of bounds this Bank Holiday!! ;D

Well I have been scanning the site and looking at the threads about preg symptoms (quel surprise!!)

I am already planning when to buy my First Response - on all my previous cycles (apart from the very first) I have managed to avoid yielding to this temptation but somehow this time I cannot get it out of my head - I think that maybe it is because that to know beforehand will soften the blow when I have to ring the hospital for my result.  There I go!!! (Have to stop this and remain positive)!!! :-\

HOW HARD is the 2WW??? ^zombie^

Love and Good Luck to everyone!!


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Newport, i have just been reading your post.
I am so sorry about your bleed and test.
You sound like a loving ,strong person which will enable you to get your dream soon.
I will be testing on the 29th and i hope i have the strength to get through it .

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So sorry to read you're post. I understand your anger and frustration, its the whole why us? thing isn't it. Best of luck for your next attempt inh October.



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Hi girls

OK if I join you?  I had et on Mon 16th May and am due to test on 30th - also on Bank Holiday Monday.  Its my first go at ivf and am trying to stay realistic and level-headed...but am already trying to look for symptoms!  At least tomorrow I'll be half way there and next week should go quickly as I'm back at work - wishful thinking???

Its great to see so many bfps and I wish everyone lots of  ^fairydust^ and  ^reiki^

Love, Ali xx

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I tested -ve this morning, :( my AF is due tomorrow so I'm hanging onto a little bit of hope? My official test is Thursday.

On my 1st ICSI I bled on the day my af was due, and on my 2nd ICSI I had pink spotting 3 days before, nothing the next day, and then bled the day before AF was due. It was different both times.

I have had the mild hearburn still, but I did have a very bad headache saturday night, sometimes I get one just before AF is due? :-\ but I even felt sicky and had to go to bed, and had a delicate head yesterday too, and felt giddy a couple of times? This is torture. ???

My aunties funeral was a really lovely send off for her, but it was very emotional.

Hope your all ok and had a good weekend? ;)

Love poppins x

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Hello everyone

Please can I join you I had 2 8 cell embies put back on Saturday and am due to test on 4th June. Already feel nervous! I recognise some cycle buddies here so I know I will be in good company with the rest of the angels ^xmas2^

Any handy hints on what I should or shouldn't be doing apart from early testing ;) ^police^ will be gratefully received.

Good luck to us all

Raggy        x :-*

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Hi Girls,

I'd like to join as well please!

Raggy I had 2 8cell embies put back yesterday, and test date is 2nd June. I think my clinic test quite early.....trying to put there patients out of their misery I think.

Poppins sorry to hear about your -ve, but it seems quite early to me. Fingers crossed you'll be one of those BFNs that turn into BFPs!

Ali glad to hear of your good intentions, I know how hard they are to stick to. I am back at work on thursday and already looking forward to it!! Sad or what!

Really good luck to those testing in the next few days.


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Hi all,

I'd like to join also. I had my embies put back in on Sat and im not supposed to test till 4th. I wont be waiting that long as I know that other clinics let you test earlier. just being honest !!!  ::)

Good luck to everyone

  Katy. xxx

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Hi all

It did not work for us this time and I am very very sad. Somehow I knew, but still hoped for a positive outcome. The crazy thing was, that the HPT showed a very slight positive, and I so much wanted to believe it,so I went to the clinic for a blood test, which came back negative. And I still had to wait for AF to stop hoping. So, no luck, but we are going to try again this cycle, as we still have some frosties.

I wish everybody on two weeks the best of luck and may our dreams come true, thanks
for all your good wishes and thoughts

Lizzy, thanks again for the list, and I will be back!!!!! Not giving up yet, even though it gets harder every time.


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