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Hi everyone,

I just wanted to get advice about my situation. I believe I have lost by baby at 24 weeks through a stillbirth unnecessarily (and probably two other babies) due to medical negligence. To start I will briefly list my horrible obstretic history:

Ectopic mc at 6 weeks (2005)

20 weeks mc (placenta tore off the wall, nearly bled to death) (2006)

18 weeks termination (genetic abormality) 2008

20 weeks mc (placental tore off wall, huge clot behind placenta) 2009

18 weeks termination (genetic abnormality) 2009

24 weeks stillbirth 2011 (placental infarction)

Now, with the genetic abnormalities, it was discovered that we probably have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with that condition (Potter's syndrome). However, the other babies were all normal and had no genetic abnormalities. Clearly you can see that the issue always lies with the placenta. For some reason my consultant convinced me that everything is normal with me but that he will put a precautionary cervical stitch at 12 weeks after I suffered the second late mc in 2008 even though there were no signs to suggest I had an incompetent cervix. By the time I was pregnant with the last baby (the one I lost at 24 weeks) he still felt I only need the stitch and I insisted I go on a baby aspirin as my instinct was telling that the issue is with the blood flow to the placenta. However, at a 24 week scan we were told that the baby has no heartbeat. After a post-mortem they told us that the baby had IUGR and that the placenta had infarcted. He now said next time he will give me clexane and aspirin as clexane is safe and they have used it in lots of women. My husband and I have since had severe anxiety attacks, I was suicidal for a some time, my husband had one suicide attempt. Our lives have been scarred! I don't think I can go through another pregnancy again and I am even considering surrogacy.  All this because they didn't give us clexane! The consultant confirmed that he is 70-80% sure that if I had been given clexane along with my aspirin the baby would have survived! Can you guys believe that? I am in tears as I write, I can't even explain the hurt after losing all those babies now to be told this. I am considering making an official NHS complaint and possibly a claim for compensation. I do not want anyone to go through this. We have lost 3 of our babies unnecessarily because the doctors didn't give us clexane and aspirin. 

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Dear Pharmchick

I am so sorry to hear your incredibly sad story.  I am afraid that medical negligence is outside my area of expertise, and if this is something that you want to seek legal advice about, I would suggest that you speak to someone who specialises in clinical negligence work.  I know that Guy Forster at Irwin Mitchell specialises in fertility cases, and he may be able to help.

I wish you and your husband my sympathy and best wishes.


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