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Thought it would be good for everyone to post a little something
about themselves in here and then we all know who is on here and how they are doing  :)

Reserving my space - will be back later to fill in  ;)

Debs xx

not sure how to start my intro without sounding like I am at an AA meeting : )

My names donna and I am a sufferer of PND (sorry couldn't help myself!!!!!)

Ok seriously ...

I had chloe my second DD in July last year. With ellie my first DD I had baby blues but soon got over them. Things were much ddifferent with chloe, I hated my dh I cried everytime he walked into the room, I moved out and lived with my mum. I mentioned how I was feeling to HV who did edinburgh score which was 23. Gp started me on citalopram. I started to feel better in dec so took myself off them. I finally admitted in feb that things were really bad again so hence I am back on citalopram 20 mg. 

Things seem much brighter now I love my dh I have lots of good days (bad days still rear there ugly heads).

Still waiting for counselling as had lots happen during pregnancy that I think contributed towards PND and don't know how to move on from those things.

So that's me so far ...

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My name is Carrie and I'm nearly 21, sorry, correction 38  :-[ and I live way up north in Bonnie Scotland.

I have a wonderful 9 year old boy and a beautiful 6month old girl, I'm so fortunate and grateful for them every day, I love my kids so much and will do anything for them.

I had very severe depression diagnosed October 2006, was on 60mg of Citalopram eventually as 20mg nor 40mg did the trick.  After a few weeks I felt so much better and the light was shining again, i was in a dreadfully dark place that I didn't know existed.

After my wonderful shocking natural pg'cy was confirmed early Feb 07 I weaned myself of the tablets over the course of a weekend (this was not on the advice of GP), I was dreadfully scared of losing my much wanted babe.  The 9 months of pregnancy was tinged with an enormous amount of anxiety and possibly ante-natal depression.

Had the 3 day baby blues (that was weird, I just woke up in hossie and cried and didn't know why when I had my precious bundle beside me!).  Once home I cried again that night but then settled fairly quickly.  Did the Edinburgh Questionnaire and it came back just slightly over the cut off point, thought I would recover on my own but didn't.  Did another one again a few weeks later and this wasn't great, higher than before.  Did yet another different one and it showed moderate depression and high anxiety.  Eventually a few weeks later I couldn't go on and went to the GP, now currently waiting for second brand of tablets to kick in and work.  My depression is moderate this time, i'm definitely not in the place I was before.  Have had 2 sessions so far with CBT, lovely lady but I'm really not sure how she can help me as such, she's coming back to see me early May.

Looking/thinking back to January 1999 when my son was born I'm now quite sure that I had severe pnd then but remembering I lied doing the questionnaire and I didn't enjoy the first few years, I remember crying often and being very short tempered but I thought this was normal for a new mum, now I know better.

So that's it, struggling a bit but have had some better days, just willing the warm scottish midgey weather to come, I do feel better in the sun/garden playing with my little girl.

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