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Hi, I'm new to this and not sure where this should be posted etc. I have just had a failed cycle at Lister using max dose of gonal f. They retrieved 8 eggs (5 had to mature in lab) but only four fertilised, we got to blastocyst but nothing stuck - really devastated...

We had our follow up consult with a different doctor and he recommended using the highest dose of menopur if we decided to cycle again. I'm a little confused as my last fsh level was 11 and my amh was 9 so I know that i have a low reserve.  I thought from reading on the net that menopur shouldn't be used for people with low reserves (it's to do with elevated lh levels at the beginning of the cycle).  I was wondering if anyone else was recommended menopur with DOR/ high fsh and what was the outcome was.  He said that it may help the eggs to mature, I thought that the immaturity of the eggs had something to do with the length of time on stimms or the trigger shot?

I really don't know if we have the strength or finances to continue and if we do decide I don't really want to use a drug that doesn't seem to be recommended for high fshers... 

Thanks so much for any advice or responses you may have. I think the women on this forum are amazing. They fight on and on -  I just can't seem to stop crying.

Best wishes to all...

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Sorry to read of what you have gone through

I am not at Lister, but am a poor responder with highfsh

My last cycle i was on puregon and after 14 days not a single follie i was changed to Menopur on my clinics highest dose (clinics vary what that is) and i got my lowest no of follies but all contained eggs and a BFP

Why not pop across to the Lister ladies thread http://www.fertilityfriends.co.uk/forum/index.php?topic=251814.0 where ladies are cycling or have cycled at the lister they may have more info for you

Best wishes

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