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hey jeanette
it is lovely to be in contact again!!  :p
hope you are well. and of course, thank you for your continuing advice on this site!! i can't tell you how nice it is to know someone is qualified and able to answer questions so quickly... seems a long time ago that madeleine was going through that really terrible stage of reflux. i just saw a couple of my questions and it brought back those memories of awful times. i remember once carrying her down the hall at 2pm having had no sleep the night before and still in my pj's, sobbing.  :-[
she has had really bad eczema as result of intolerances - but it is more under control now.

my question is how much milk should she be having at 21 months?

thanks, xxxx

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Hiya Fran

She needs approx 350ml milk. That will include calcium in yoghurt's, milky puddings etc

I know what you are saying hun about sobbing  xxxx you know Im here for you as well if you ever need me

Take care

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