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Well, it's taken me a while to post this - 13 months - but I remember everything like it was yesterday...
I went in for a routine appointment when I was a day over.  The registrar asked if I wanted her to book me in to be induced, but I said that I was happy to wait as I felt absolutely great and wanted everything to happen naturally.
She bid me farewell and just as I was about to leave the midwife asked if she could measure my bump... I wasn't concerned.  I had had a scan 2 weeks earlier and everything was fine.  However, my bump only measured 32 cm so she said I had to have another scan (no wonder my trousers kept falling down!)
The scan showed that I had low levels of amniotic fluid and that my baby had shrunk, it was all a blur at that point but in 2 weeks he had gone from an estimated 6.5 to 5.5.  Things started to look serious  :'(
To be continued...
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