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Hi Kim

We used a rocking crib for all of 3 nights, my DD screamed her head off in it so I guess she didn't like it.  We then put her straight into her cot bed (she looked really lost in there) and what a difference.  One happy baby!

I would recommend borrowing a moses basket if you can because they are not in them for very long and most of the people I know who purchased one said their babies wouldn't go in them so felt like they had wasted there money.  Even my H/V said they are a waste of money!

If you do go ahead and get a moses basket, I would also get a cot as well just in case your little bundle of joy doesn't take to it.

I second Shelley's tip, if you get a buggy with a carry-cot just use that.  Do make sure though that the carry cot is suitable for a baby to sleeping in during the night (not just for naps during the day).

Terri xx
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