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Hi all, I had ivf 6 years ago. We had male fertility issues and had ICSI. I have a son and a daughter (age 5 and 3 now - and anyone looking for hope my daughter was a frozen single embryo that took! Happy to answer any questions anyone may have also about my experience/s)
So this is not an ivf as such related question, but a post ivf question/worry! Since my periods returned after having babies each month , mostly around ovulation when it’s worse, I have very dark brown, almost black discharge ! It’s ‘egg white’ consistency and it’s clear I’m ovulating when it happens. I’m assuming it’s old dark blood from all the poking and prodding from 3 rounds of ivf! But it’s worrying and not getting any better ! I also get a bit bloated now when ovulating and get that full feeling you get during ivf when you’re popping out eggs!
I think maybe I have cysts from the ivf? Or maybe I just get swollen / tender ovaries now because they’ve been through the wars?! But as my youngest is now over 3, I’d have thought would be fine by now? anyone else experienced this?
I have had a smear and an ultra sound , but that was a couple of years ago, and everything was fine then, but this very dark discharge continues ?!
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