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Hi :)

I don't really know where to start, so please excuse me if this is a little muddled. My name is Rachel and I am an almost 40yr old mum to an almost 5yr old dd. Before DD, I  had an early miscarriage at 11 weeks. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and was supposed to have it removed but I became pregnant and my symptoms dissapeared for a long time , but have recently returned  and I have painful period and ovulations.

We have now been ttc for over a year and in that year I have had one blighted ovum diagnosed at 12 weeks, a miscarriage at 6 weeks and 2 chemical pregnancies. The last one was a month ago.

During my pregnancy I had what I think were progesterone injections because I was bleeding, but those stopped at 12 weeks.

I have just recently moved doctor ( I am in Saudi btw) after my last doctor refused to do anything until I came to him with a bfp. My new doctor has done some blood tests (not sure which, I should have checked and got the results  will try and get hold of them later). He said that it is a blood clotting problem. He had already prescribed me with aspirin and folic acid. (I am taking pregnacare conception) and he has told me to start innohep (heparin) injections from 3 days before I am due on and cyclogest.

I have been reading online here and othere places and really think that would be too late to start. I am currently on day 11 of my cycle. It is my second month using a clear blue fertility monitor and today I got my first peak this month . I am wondering if I should start taking the injections and cyclogest now if I have any chance of a viable pregnancy? I am also wondering if ivf would help me? I really don't have a clue. It's never been suggested to me here, but I'm wondering if it is time to start looking into it as an option.

I really wan't sure where to post after my intro as it could be quite a few sections of the forum, so please feel free to point me in the right direction. Thanks for reading this and thank you also, to Nutmeg for directing me here xxx

OOps forgot to mention that I am from Manchester and if I have no luck here hope to go to Care in Manchester when I come back to the UK in the summer.

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Wanted to say Hello and welcome you to FF, my role here of FF as a MOD is to make sure you find your way as easy as possible, hopefully this message will do that :) Am so glad that you have found us, hopefully you will meet like minded people that will help and support you through what can be a very hard stressful journey. There are many members here on FF with a true understanding of what you are going through at all stages that infertility throws at you :( FF has brought so many people together and helps form many new friendships that may last many years, I certainly have and my life is richer for it. It's hard when family and friends don't fully comprehend what the IF journey entails and the emotions that go with it, That's where FF comes in to play.
I hope that you will find the links i have left you helpful and direct you where you need to be until you find your feet, which won't be long i can assure you. If there is anything that you still need to find give me or any MOD a shout and we will be happy to help you :)
Links to follow..........................................

What Every New Member Needs to Know

Fertility Guides

Peer Support

Secondary Infertility ~ CLICK HERE

Pregnancy, Stillbirth & Neonatal loss ~ CLICK HERE

International area[CLICK HERE[/color]

While undergoing treatment, you might find it useful to join other ladies having treatment at the same time.
The Cycle Buddies threads are just for that.
Just pop along to the appropriate month and say "Hi" when you are ready to start treatment

Cycle buddies
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Girl & Boy talk - Community & Fun Board
[/color]CLICK HERE[color]

Its not all just serious stuff here, you can also have a bit of fun or just gossip while you are on FF too so check out the general chit chat / jokes / hobbies area:
You can also chat live in our chat room. We have a newbie day in the chat room every Wednesday where you can meet one of our mods for support, meet other new members and get technical support with navigating the site and using all the functions available here.

You can also "meet" and chat with people in your local area through the Location boards. This is especially useful to find people who may be using the same clinic and or in the same PCT area.

Wishing you lots of luck ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ and ^fairydust^
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