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My DS will be 2 in a couple of weeks and does not look like he will be ready for life without nappies any time soon. His current bamboo nappies from Teamlollipop have been great but I think he is getting too big for them, even though he is not a particularly big toddler.

Any recommendations for what to get next.

Bumgenius v3 has been recommended so far but want to see what else there is.


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sorry not to be replying a bit sooner.

You could try Pop-ins, though my DD, also not a big girl for her age, somehow managed to grow out of these on the hips but nowhere else.  (in other words her bum wasn't too big!)  She was about your DS's age when she grew out of them.  I just started to find I couldn't pull the tapes far enough across the velcro on her tummy, so there was too much bulk over her hip bones.

After she grew out of popins I had her in bumgenius v3 which still fit, even though she's just stopped wearing nappies.
They have a stretchier tab so I could do them up more centrally on her tummy.  They're stuffable which is a different way of putting together a nappy and a bit fiddly because of that.  I did like them but I prefer a bamboo nappy to microfibre, although it has its advantages (dries much quicker).

Totsbots all in ones are good too and big enough for her.  They've just brought out a new version which irons out any niggles I had with the previous model, if they'd been around when I was replacing her Pop-ins I think I'd have got them instead of bumgenius.

I also have a couple of blueberry minkies for special occasions which are divine, though possibly a bit too divine for a boy  :-\  They have some gorgeous designs and are a great size, very adjustable, but bulkier.  So cute though  ^eyes^

I have itti bittis, again gorgeous but I wouldnt' necessarily recommend them for a child who's getting bigger. They're a very trim shape, they're not birth to potty so the sizing is probably more accurate but equally that's a bit of a pain if you find the size isn't right.

C x
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