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Hi can anyone give me some advice

I am having a natural fet cycle and i am getting a bit worried

I went for my second scan today, lining growing well but follie only 10mm, it needs to be 12 before i can start testing for ovulation. I am abit confused i think i normally ovulate on day 16 as my cycle is usually 30 days, my next scan is on tues which is day 16, surely this is too late, should i not be using opt to see when i will ovulate, then the nurse said to me "you dont think you have ovulated do you". What was that supose to mean. I dont think its going to happen i cant rely on my body. I am worried now.

Can anyone help me understand this.
will i not ovutale until my folicle is 12mm or how does it work
I am worried i will miss my chance.

Any advice will help, thanks

take care all

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hi sarah

i am going to start a natural FET cycle hopefully this month(waiting for AF to arrive).  the nurse at my hospital outlined what the procedure is going to be,
Day 3 a scan to ensure i have no cysts, if ok, i wait until Day 10 for another
scan, i assume to see lining of uterus and then i do ovulation tests and as soon as i surge i need to call them to arrange ET.
you said your follies need to be 12mm before you start testing, well why dont
you test before just to be on the safe side and to put your mind at rest.
you never know with all the stress you are under you may ovulate late this month, our bodies never do what is expected of them at the best of times.
when i had my IUIs and IVF i'm sure my follies were about 16-17mm before
i took the ovitrelle to induce ovulation. so hopefully everything will be ok.
keeping my fingers crossed for you
rookie xxxx
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