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Hi all,
I havent been on here for years but it seems that in my darkest days this is where I find some kind of solace. I have had 3 x ICSI and 1 frozen tx, all with negative results. Since then (last tx was 2 years ago) I had a missed m/c a year ago when I was told  at 7 wks there was no viable pregnancy and had to wait till 10 wks for ERPC. THen, on Valentines Day this year, I got another natural BFP- we had a scan at 7 wks and saw a heartbeat, finally after 5 years thinking maybe this was 'our time'. I felt odd and had a little bleeding at 10 wks and went for another scan- no heartbeat. Devastated doesnt come close. I had another ERPC and I may now need a cyst removing too- as if the miscarriage wasnt enough!
Anyway, having had an early m/c years ago before tx this is no 3 and we have been referred to the Recurrent Miscarriage Unit at Stepping Hill. Has anyone got any experience of it there? What about St Marys- is that any better? What do they do?
I have also considered going privately as we have cover for diagnostic tests (not chromosomal ones) Can anyone recommend a good Consultant??
Thank you for reading xx
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