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Me and my husband have been TTC for over 5 years.  I'll cut a long story short but I've had two rounds of clomid without success and our infertility is unexplainable (I understand the majority of cases are).  I'm 33 this year, the husband is 37.  We are clear of everything and healthy.

We saw our first consultant in November who explained I had poor quality eggs and my hormone level was high, my scan showed 6 and 12 but I hadn't been given the drugs yet so treatment couldn't start.  My next scan was 7 and 5 follicles (they want 8) so couldn't start drugs.  This time my scan showed 3 and 3 so again I can't start, I know it's a long process but they said this time my hormone level was too high.

My question is does anyone know of anything you can do to increase your follicle count or know of anything that effects it or is it just pot luck?
Also I forgot to ask at the time but when they say hormone level, which hormone is it exactly?
Also I had a very very light period so does this mean light periods mean low follicles or is it just coincedence?

Forgive me being not so savvy but I get so confused!

Thanks for reading and bambino dust to everyone x
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