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Hi guys,
My name is Becky and I am new to fertility friends. Me and my oh have been ttc since July 2008 and are still working towards our bfp! I was diagnosed with pcoss earlier this year and we are currently seeing a consultant gynaecologist about the fertility issues this poses. I have had day 21 bloods done and have got to go back between days 2 and 5 of my next cycle for more blood work. My oh has got to have sa carried out and I am waiting for an appointment for hsg. our next appointment with the doctor is in 6 months where he wants to prescribe clomid. He has left such a big gap between appointments because I have about 2 stones to lose before clomid will work as effectively as it can...guess who's new years resolution is going to be "to lose weight"?
I am looking forward to meeting new people on here and sharing in our journeys to success x x x x ^reiki^ :-*

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Welcome to FF, Becky!! This is a great website for support, information, laughter and friendship, it has kept me (relatively!) sane though all my treatment!

I don't suffer from PCOS or have been on clomid so I can't offer you any advice based on my experiences, but I can point you in the direction of parts of the forum that may be useful to you.


PCOS - CLICK HERE The second thread on this forum is a PCOS diet support which also may be useful to you.

Here are some other links which you might find really useful ……

What Every New Member Needs To Know (includes a list of common abbreviations) ~ CLICK HERE This will give you some info to help you navigate the site.

We also have a newbie night in the chat room every Wednesday where you can meet other new members and a few more experienced (I won't use the term "old"!) members will be there to answer any questions you have about the site. CLICK HERE FOR INFO ON NEWBIE CHAT

If you look at the main forum index you will find Location threads. You can find people in your area, or even people using the same clinic.

Please feel free to ask more questions here, or on any other part of the site, there will be wonderful helpful people there to give you lots of support, information and cyber hugs if you need it. We go through all the highs and lows of treatment together.

Good luck with your treatment ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^ ^reiki^

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