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Hi guys,
My name is Becky and I am new to fertility friends. Me and my oh have been ttc since July 2008 and are still working towards our bfp! I was diagnosed with pcoss earlier this year and we are currently seeing a consultant gynaecologist about the fertility issues this poses. I have had day 21 bloods done and have got to go back between days 2 and 5 of my next cycle for more blood work. My oh has got to have sa carried out and I am waiting for an appointment for hsg. our next appointment with the doctor is in 6 months where he wants to prescribe clomid. He has left such a big gap between appointments because I have about 2 stones to lose before clomid will work as effectively as it can...guess who's new years resolution is going to be "to lose weight"?
I am looking forward to meeting new people on here and sharing in our journeys to success x x x x ^reiki^ :-*
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