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hello ladies

i am an american living in the uk have been here 10 years.....i found this uk ff site by accident when i was doing some research on the computer, i am a member of the american ff website as well....dp had a vasectomy reversal almost two years ago...we got a bfp after the first year but we lost this one when i was 10weeks...after that my cycles were all over the place....with lots of bleeding my first acu did nothing to help in fact they got worse my new acu man has treated me well and i just finished my first normal cycle....we have 5 more months to concieve naturally after that our chances drop dramatically dp just started acu the dr thinks he can slow down the scarring and extend our chances for a little bit longer....we will then do the iui or ivf approach after...

i am looking forward to meeting you and going through this journey together :)
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