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Hi everyone,

I posted my history on the introduction page earlier and was adviced to come here.
I just yet again had another negative cycle. We are trying naturally at the moment after all the usual treatments bar IVF. Physically there is nothing to stop conception but yet every month nothing happens.
I was devastated recently by the news of a friend with pcos conceiving within the year on clomid. For some reason it hit me really hard. All my other friends and family have had kids and it has never affected me like this before. I suppose it was because she was the only one who understood. I feel very angry towards her and this really upsets me. I couldn't wish it on a better person.
Anyway, as we head into another month i'm not sure what to do or sometimes how to cope.



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hi yellis

just wanted to send you a big ^Cuddle^ hun, i too have unexplained infertility so i know how it feels month after month when af arrives :'(

there is a board especially for us girls suffering unexplained infertility you would be very welcome to post there. (only a few ladies use it and to be honest i wish more would) ;D

here is a link if you are interested


pam xx
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