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Hey everyone,
I really dont know where to start. Me and my partner have been trying for a baby now for 12 months. I was first diagnosed with endo when i was 21 i have several operations to give me quality of life and prolong my fertility.
We decided this time last year that at 28 we were ready to try for a baby, to give us the best chance the doctor tested my blood and found i had a folic acid deficiency so i was prescribed folic acid. We bought a clearblue fertility monitor aswell. The first few months off the pill and using the monitor were fine, at the fifth month according to to monitor i didn't ovulate and my period was eleven days late. We went to the doctors and he said that i could be pregnant. He did a blood test and it came back negative. He decided with my history of endo to refer me to the fertility part of hospital. They rejected me sayin that my doctor should have done some basic tests and he should have told me that my appointment had been cancelled!!
I went back to my gp and he reffered me to the gynocologist instead. So far i have had blood tests on days 1 and 21 of my cycle, a xray of my tubes and a scan of my abdomen with an internal scan too. This showed i have an endometrioma on my right ovary and a cyst on my left.
My emotions are all the place at the minute everytime my period comes i can't go to work due to being in floods of tears, i really hate feeling like this and its only been 12 months. The specialist at the hospital said that they may consider me at the fertility centre early due to my history but if not we may have to wait until 3 years!!
To top it all off everyone around me seems to be getting pregnant arghhhh!!!!
Any advice on the whole situation and how you cope would be grately appreciated ..
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