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I am new to FF, we found out on Jan 7th that we hadn't managed to get pregnant because of my hubby's sperm, our GP told us that there were no options available to us, not even ICSI, he did however refer us to the fertility expert at our local hospital.

We saw the expert on Friday and he confirmed that hubby had 3 fold male factor infertility, count, motility & morphology, but when we asked what our options were he hasn't ruled out it happening naturally, or ICSI (although when quizzed on this we were told we were borderline), hubby needs to do a blood test to check his hormone levels and I have to have the usual blood tests and x-ray.  We are now very confused about the option of ICSI and really scared about getting our hopes up as our GP had ruled this out altogether, has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Hi tulip,

Welcome to FF, I hope we can help you through all the questions, usually someone can. 
I've not had your situation, but if you have a look on the ICSI board you'll find a thread called male factor - there are loads of people there who I am sure can help you out with advice. 

To be honest I wouldn't expect your GP to necessarily be able to tell you what your options were, and at least they referred you to a fertility centre, which is a good start. So don't worry what they said, they are not experts  in ICSI.

The next part depends on things like your age and the severity of your partner's sperm problems to whether you'll get treatment on the NHS.    Ask what the consultant means when they say he is 'borderline' - does that mean that it's borderline ICSI would be successful or borderline that they're going to invest in treatment for you cos they think you should be able to manage naturally?  Depending on your age you should not be fobbed off too easily with 'keep trying, it can happen naturally' but do of course keep trying!!  Press the consultant for some information about how long you should keep trying, and what your options are to 'enhance' any efforts you make to conceive naturally.  If they're short on those kind of answers, I think I'd be pushing for ICSI if there's 3 counts of male factor involved. But then I'm no expert either, just don't like being fobbed off!
having said that they appear to be taking it all seriously enough at this point if you are having further tests.  That's a good sign.  They may be considering something else so don't jump straight to ICSI in your head as it really is the most drastic option and there may be others.
All of this is just my opinion, I'm sure if you ask all the right questions the consultant will take you in the best direction for you both.

best of luck,
Claire xx

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